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Resetting the Future of Work

As the lasting result of workplace changes from coronavirus pandemic disruption, there has been a reset of major work trends. A recent Gartner poll showed that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19, versus 30% before the pandemic. As organizations shift to more remote work operations, it is vital to provide a stable work environment regardless of whether that environment is your employees lounge room or the office. There has been a massive change in the type of workplace tools needed from the more pedestrian, to those providing critical competencies to employees around digital collaboration, no matter where they are. Pakistani company JBS has a big hand in providing these workplace tools. 

Gartner analysis shows that 16% of employers are using technologies more frequently to monitor their employees through methods such as virtual clocking in and out, tracking work computer usage, and monitoring employee emails or internal communications/chat. While some companies track productivity, others monitor employee engagement and well-being to better understand employee experience. JBS, in collaboration with VMware, works with companies to create the ideal remote environment to work anywhere, transform ​everywhere. 

JBS is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable IT companies – they focus on solving business challenges with creative IT solutions and making an impact in both their local and global communities. 

“We were looking for a partner who could provide us with not just the state-of-the-art solution on virtualization, but also go hand in glove with us to our customers in solving their problem of optimizing the infrastructure. Hence, we selected VMware and we are so glad that they partnered with us. Over the years we have grown this relationship not just for our two companies but also for our customers and have added significant value in the way our customers have been managing their infrastructure.” Says ​Veqar Ul Islam, JBS CEO. 

During the pandemic the VMware-JBS relationship stepped up to the next level. A partnership was formed between VMware’s product Workspace ONE and JBS’s new product JBS@home. Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform enabling secure delivery and management of any app on any device, while JBS@home enables customers to work flexibly and safely in an optimized manner just as they would from their office. The synergy between these products delivered an incredible solution to companies looking for a simple, secure way to enable remote working. 

Mr. ​Veqar Ul Islam continues “This synergy has helped us to position ourselves in such a manner that during the pandemic, as other companies and economies were struggling, JBS as a company actually grew. We are absolutely delighted with the kind of support, partnership, and level of commitment we have seen from VMware to take these new concepts forward.” 

With the spark of creativity embedded in technology solutions provided by the likes of JBS and VMware, the opportunities for future of work ​are unlimited. 


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