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How finding the right digital foundation is the premise for future success

The pandemic has accelerated the move to digital and is likely to have changed how business is conducted forever. Most notably with a shift to hybrid and remote working. A significant proportion of organizations are expecting to have large numbers of permanent hybrid workers post-pandemic. This means that it has never been more important to have the right digital foundation in place to enable remote working, offering employees and employers the opportunity to craft the ideal work experience for increasingly digitalized, sustainable business models.

How can companies find the right digital foundation? Net One Asia is one company who is looking at the future to help their customers achieve the best right now. Their four-year partnership with VMware has helped them accelerate their Digital workspace consulting to offer customers agile solutions around Unified Endpoint Management, Virtual Apps & Desktops, Identify-Defined Workspace, Comprehensive Cloud Services and Security. 

When talking of the partnership Fan Qu, Director, Partner Business, Southeast Asia and Korea, VMware says “From a joint partnership perspective we are also enabling our partners like Net One to build deeper service capabilities that take care of the customer’s end to end lifecycles. Now we are helping Net One to build more capabilities in the consulting and advisory space but also helping customers to better consume these services.”

The blueprint for a strong digital foundation focuses on unified technology, powerful personalization and cloud-based architecture. With the right partner to help them create an agile, scalable digital foundation, companies can enable continuous innovation, growth, and look to the future with the knowledge they are ready for anything.

“Customers are looking at it more from a strategic plan perspective, and we are now helping them plan how they can create a platform that won’t just enable them to work remotely but securely and at the same time increase the productivity of their users.” Advises Moses Yeo, Managing Director, Net One Asia Pte Ltd. 


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  1. Digital application in the workplace is a necessary step. Given that we live in an era of information technology, keeping up with trends is essential.

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