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VST ECS (Phils.) on the Importance of Customer Interaction

Never has the adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ been more apt than during the current global pandemic. Companies have had to be more resourceful and agile to succeed and operating virtually has created opportunities for companies to work faster, more efficiently, and reach more people. VMware partner VST ECS has built a hugely successful business around the philosophy that, “Technology is the tool – but people make the difference” Jimmy D. Go, President and CEO VST ECS Philippines.

Addressing the challenges faced by VST ECS Tom Pascual, VP Technology and Product Support Group says, “On a business front, tackling the pandemic has meant being more agile, more innovative and more resourceful than ever in order to cater to the ever-growing requirements of our resellers”.

With their focus areas in VMware Digital Workspace and Cloud Foundation, VMware solutions have allowed VST ECS to respond rapidly to changes in the business landscape.

They have worked closely with their partners, resellers, and customers in a truly collaborative format, developing training roadmaps for new partners and helping other partners run end user events for VMware solutions. Delivering on their ‘people first’ philosophy, they have created services that differentiate them from the competition. These include having certified engineers on hand for technical support for partners at customer meetings and presentations; and reseller focused solution centers to provide tools for answering customer queries around proof of concept and proof of technology.

“The results speak for themselves,” says Tom Pascual on the future of the relationship, “our VMware business has been growing year on year and is expected to continue to grow as we reach more resellers. I am sure with the continued support from the team at VMware, our organization will strive to drive the nation forward to become a digital Philippines.”


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