Grow your business with ecosystem solutions from VMware Marketplace

VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop to discover, try, purchase, and deploy compatible, validated, and certified ecosystem solutions for VMware endpoints. The catalog includes solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs) as well as first-party tools from VMware, Inc. With over 2,000 solutions spanning categories such as security, storage, networking, and more, customers can truly meet their business needs through the VMware-compatible ecosystem solutions found on the Marketplace.

The Marketplace enables customers and ISVs to truly leverage the new enterprise marketplace-driven software economy. In October 2021, we announced new VMware Marketplace portfolio capabilities and services to help accelerate our customers’ cloud adoption journeys and our partners’ go-to-market strategies with VMware – specifically around enabling the purchase motion through our catalog. Refer to this blog for more information.

Grow your business with VMware Marketplace – by listing solutions for sale in the catalog, or by enhancing your own offering to customers through VMware ecosystem solutions.

Easing our customers’ digital innovation journey

The VMware Marketplace houses a robust catalog of validated and certified artifacts and images that assures users of interoperability with their choice of VMware platform. VMware Marketplace reduces customer consumption friction – through its easy filter / search functionality, unified console for notifications, updates, and purchases – and in-product experience with various VMware products (for example, VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad).

With the addition of commerce, VMware Marketplace further refines the customers’ journey. Users can discover the right ecosystem solution, try it out, purchase it directly if they are satisfied with the trial, and then deploy that file directly to vSphere or other VMware locations – without ever leaving the Marketplace user interface. Through one platform, users can build, run, and manage applications across a breadth of platforms, apps, versions, and formats.

The following demo videos showcase how customers can utilize the Marketplace to deploy to:

Publishing solutions to VMware Marketplace

VMware Marketplace offers a great portal for companies that wish to publish their VMware-compatible solutions for easy access by global VMware customers.

By publishing solutions on the Marketplace, companies become a part of the VMware Marketplace ISV ecosystem and benefit from co-marketing opportunities to promote their solution and showcase their VMware Ready validation or VMware Partner Ready certification. Additionally, these publishing partners can utilize the Marketplace to attract new leads and opportunities, and thus establish a new source of revenue.

For ecosystem partners, there is no cost to enable sales of your solutions through VMware Marketplace or to list complimentary solutions.

Refer to the following videos for publishing solutions to the Marketplace:

Next steps

VMware Marketplace augments the value of VMware products, improves customer experience, and leverages VMware’s strong ISV ecosystem – ultimately accelerating our customers’ cloud adoption journeys.


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  1. VMware Marketplace is the most convenient way to discover and consume VMware-compatible and VMware-validated third-party and open source solutions Moreover, these solutions can be consumed just as you would consume VMware cloud services – same identity modules, same organization hierarchies, and so on.

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