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Successful marketing is a team effort. That’s why VMware continues to develop new marketing materials to support our partners and help drive revenue. Keeping the value of your brand front and center with customers and prospects is the best way to be involved in business-critical technology decisions. With the content available from the VMware Partner Demand Center, it’s easy to develop customized marketing campaigns and educate prospects with relevant content that presents solutions with real business value. Not only does this keep your brand top of mind, but it also reinforces your brand as a trusted advisor.

It’s all about digital interaction 

As enterprise customers continue to seek new technologies and solutions to increasingly complex problems, they look online first for answers. Presenting the right collateral and informational content at the right time is your best approach to pique buyer interest and boost engagement.  

According to Gartner, B2B buyers have a clear idea of what they want before they talk to potential suppliers. Buying groups spend 45% of their time researching possible solutions and only 17% of their time meeting with vendors.1 Furthermore, Gartner research shows that digital interaction is accelerating, especially with the pandemic. Customers expect more from the digital buying experience, including higher quality content and information that informs technology decision-making:

Gartner analysts said it is imperative that B2B sales organizations differentiate themselves by delivering a customer-centric buying experience that reflects today’s buying journey and meets customers’ new expectations. 2 

Content marketing continues to be the most effective means to establish a digital dialogue. Research shows that those who embrace content marketing generate five times the sales leads at 62% of the cost of other marketing strategies.3 Additionally, buyers say they are 52% more likely to buy from a supplier after reading their content. 

Campaigns that adapt to your needs 

Creating a quality content marketing campaign takes time and resources. That’s why VMware has developed a catalog of pre-built marketing materials that you can adapt to your needs. Campaigns can be deployed through the partner platform or downloaded and customized as part of your own digital campaigns. 

The marketing content available from VMware’s Partner Demand Center is specifically designed to help build your engagement and your pipeline with content that generates responses. We give you everything you need to build your own customized marketing campaign, including program guidance and automation tools. 

Tested marketing content – Creating a marketing campaign that has a measurable impact is easier when you have the right tools. The demand-gen content stored in the VMware Partner Demand Center has been successfully used by other members of the VMware partner ecosystem and can be readily adapted to meet your unique needs. On the partner portal you will find: 

  • Complete, targeted campaigns designed to reach specific buying audiences with a call-to-action 
  • Customizable email assets and ad banners that can be cobranded and adapted to your campaigns 
  • Web page content for all key solutions to syndicate on your website 
  • Social media posts with links that are ready to post to your social media accounts 
  • Personalized landing pages designed to generate leads by offering content that is educational and persuasive 

With these content marketing tools you can devise your own drumbeat campaigns to update customers and prospects with new content and keep your brand top of mind.

Campaign guidance and resources – Sending one-off emails and offers is not an effective campaign strategy. Forty-eight percent of buyers say they engage with vendors only after reviewing five or more pieces of content.4 At the same time, sending too many marketing messages can turn you from a valued educational resource to an annoying spammer. To help you build your digital marketing campaigns that are just right, VMware offers complete digital campaigns as well as individual assets.  

Campaign Guides give you an end-to-end blueprint of a successful digital campaign. The guide includes tips on target audience identification, key messages, execution tactics, outreach frequency and more. 

Online video training helps you develop impactful campaigns from planning to execution. VMware Partner Demand Center experts also are available via live chat to provide guidance and answer questions. 

Marketing automation – Your marketing team is busy, and marketing resources can be costly. VMware makes it easier to design and execute digital marketing campaigns with little or no resources directly from the VMware Partner Demand Center. 

Search for the campaigns that best suit your needs, whether it’s by product, by focus, by solution or by vertical market. You can then personalize all the available marketing assets to carry your brand. The messaging can be changed any way you want to include new information, create a unique offer or add a unique call-to-action.  

Execution has been streamlined as well. Choose specific contacts and launch campaigns in minutes. You can even schedule your campaign based on your blueprint. And you remain in total control of your campaigns and your contacts. VMware processes the data you provide without accessing any proprietary data, such as customer lists. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about regulatory compliance. The VMware campaign platform meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Succeeding together  

Providing the best possible sales and marketing campaign materials is part of VMware’s commitment to our partners. Success is a collaboration, and we want to make the job of selling easier while providing clear, consistent messaging that turns leads into sales.  

To access the VMware Partner Demand Center, you need to log into the VMware Partner Connect portal. You’ll find the Partner Demand Center listed under the Marketing tab — the link automatically signs you into the platform. 

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