Intelligent Transformation – from Pocket to Data Center, from Edge to Cloud

The past couple of years have certainly provided plenty of bumps in the road as customers seek to modernize IT and deliver value and advantages back to their core business.  Lenovo and VMware are partnering closely to bring intelligent and cost-effective solutions to market that customers are looking for.  From far Edge 5G Telco and near Edge AI- and Kubernetes-driven applications for retail and ROBO, to pay-as-you-go consumption-based hybrid cloud, VMware and Lenovo have done the work for you to be successful. 

Lenovo announced at their Tech World conference an expansion of their TruScale HaaS platform to include all of Lenovo’s franchises, making TruScale an XaaS offering covering all product lines from smartphones, tablets and personal computers to Edge and Datacenter hardware, software and services. Also announced was a new VMware vSAN and Tanzu-based Edge Computing solution based on the ThinkSystem SE350, Lenovo’s compact, versatile Edge server designed for challenging remote environments. 

Join Us at VMworld 2021 Online

As a Diamond Sponsor at VMworld 2021 and winner of the VMware Partner of the Year – Innovation Award for Global Alliances, Lenovo will be featuring many of those joint innovations in their breakout sessions as highlighted below. Be sure to join us at VMworld 2021 Online to find out how Lenovo + VMware can bring Intelligent Transformation to your customers from mobile devices to Edge to Data Center to Cloud.

Access all Lenovo sessions at-a-glance or view individually below:

  • Redefining Edge-to-Cloud OpEx-Based Infrastructure Strategies [MCL2854S]
    Learn how Lenovo infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers infrastructure, edge and software services that radically change your IT business model from data center to edge (thin and thick). The differentiated OpEx solutions from VMware and Lenovo expand across your entire IT, giving you unheard of cost efficiencies and multi-cloud vertical solutions. This is beyond pay as you go. Join our session to see how as a service has been redefined, and how Lenovo and VMware will enable you to redefine IT.

    Mike McDonough, Executive Director Software and Solutions BU, Lenovo
  • Smarter HCI: Intelligence, Automation and Proactive Monitoring for vSAN [MCL3015S]
    In this session, we will introduce you to the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX portfolio of VMware vSAN certified systems. We will walk through the new capabilities and enhancements we are bringing to help simplify the end-to-end management of your vSAN infrastructure. This session will present a demo of the new ThinkAgile VX Automated Deployment utility for Day 0 bring-up, the Lenovo xClarity management plug-in for VMware vCenter for enhanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics and VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager integration, and the new VMware vRealize Suite management packs.

    Mike McDermott, Sr Product Manager, Lenovo
    –Joshua David, Ecosystem Solutions, VMware
  • The Present and Future of Enterprise AI [VI3068S]
    As AI becomes more pervasive across enterprises, many IT professionals face challenges on how to best enable new AI workloads without creating unique IT environments. Additional complexity in AI deployments include working with new stakeholders, supporting new types of users, and accommodating hybrid IT environments. IT engineers shouldn’t have to become AI experts, and data scientists shouldn’t be IT experts. Fortunately, with the latest AI Enterprise solutions from NVIDIA, VMware and Lenovo, IT professionals can now easily support AI workloads in their VMware vSphere environment. In this session, we will share some of the trends impacting Enterprise AI, new solutions to advance AI initiatives for enterprises, and even share a glimpse into new innovations that will further advance accelerated workloads in the data center.

    –Baker Hull, Global Solution Architect, VMware
    –Robert Daigle, Global AI Leader, Lenovo

    –Chris Jones, Senior Technologist, Business Development, NVIDIA
  • Cumulus SAP: Large SAP HANA Instances for the Hybrid Cloud [MCL2851S]
    Running SAP applications in the cloud while keeping control of data is critical in today’s hybrid cloud world. Using VMware vSAN and SAP HANA HCI with Lenovo ThinkAgile systems can enable the largest database applications on premises while using VMware Cloud Foundation to control the entire SAP application landscape. Find out how large hosting providers are using software-defined infrastructure to meet the demands of their large-scale SAP customers. This session covers the VMware and Lenovo HCI roadmap, and showcases the largest SAP HANA instances running with vSAN and Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 4U 8 socket systems while using VMware Cloud Foundation to manage the SAP application landscape.

    –Erik Rieger, Principal SAP Global Technical Alliance Manager, VMware
    –Trick Hartman, Senior Solution Architect, Lenovo – Germany
  • Leading Edge: Centrally Managed Two-Node vSAN Clusters [EDG2982S]
    This session presents a new solution for remote edge computing, providing a two-node high availability cluster with Wi-Fi or wired connectivity with a backup cellular LTE link. The solution uses small, robust edge servers that support extended temperature, shock and vibration, and includes a built-in local access point. The solution provides a small footprint and a cost-effective way to extend the VMware vSphere infrastructure to the edge and manage it using existing vSphere management tools. Learn how to set up the solution and manage it from a centralized location using a remote VMware vSAN witness and vSphere Lifecycle Manager. Also, explore the capabilities of VMware SASE for managing all edge networks from a centralized location.

    –Joshua David, Ecosystem Solutions, VMware
    –Gregory Pruett, Distinguished Engineer, Lenovo
  • Designing and Implementing a High-Performing Virtual Desktop Solution [EUS3074S]
    In this session, we will present the design and implementation of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution to support migration of high-performance developer desktops from local workstations to VDI. We will summarize the customer’s key business objectives, application resource and IO performance metrics, and end-user experience metrics. We will describe our analysis and assessment, and how we arrived at the solution for the combination of hardware infrastructure and VMware Horizon/VMware vSAN software.

    –Baker Hull, Global Solution Architect, VMware
    –Chandrakandh Mouleeswaran, Consultant, Lenovo
  • Prepared for the New Memory Technology in Next Year’s Enterprise Servers? [VI2334]
    Technical decision-makers should be equipped on the trade-offs of the revolutionary memory technologies and hierarchies coming in next year’s enterprise servers. The transition in server memory from DDR4 to DDR5 DRAM coupled with the increased number of CPU memory channels will improve memory bandwidth (potentially doubling it) and capacity for applications. Further improvements are expected from CPU on-package memory, on-die DMA engines, PCIe Gen 5 I/O, and a new coherent CPU I/O interconnect (CXL). We will survey all of the above and look into the trends over the past few years of the per-core capacity, latency, bandwidth and power of these upcoming enterprise servers. Using real applications, VMware vSphere, and actual server platforms, we will also discuss estimated performance from a number of future memory expansion technologies.

    –Richard Brunner, Principal Engineer & CTO Server Platform Technologies, VMware
    –Gregory Pruett, Distinguished Engineer, Lenovo


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