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Painting the Digital Transformation Vision with PCD & Converge

Customer commitment and digital transformation are at the heart of every VMware partner. Our partners have grown in the face of challenge and are consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of their customers. Recently, Rich Steeves sat down with Pierre Cayouette, Co-President and Founder of PCD Solutions, a member of Converge Technology Solutions, in a virtual “coffee chat” to discuss how PCD and Converge have continued to accelerate digital transformation and deliver solutions and services to their customers.

Pierre’s Journey

Pierre is a technology pioneer with over thirty years of industry experience. Pierre forged his successful career through a plethora of leadership opportunities. From his beginnings at Hewlett-Packard (HP) to the founding of PCD solutions, Pierre’s journey is very impressive. Carl Deschenes, the other co-founder, had experience with Andersen (now Accenture) and an expertise in consulting. In combination with Pierre’s technological background, PCD was born to meet the need in the marketplace for the “perfect partner”. 

Pierre’s history with VMware began a long time ago. For Pierre, he loves that VMware’s strategy has stayed consistent.

“The strategy does not change, but what changes is the depth that you can implement. For a partner like us, it is predictable to see what the next steps are.” Pierre Cayouette

This consistency has enabled PCD to double down on their own strategy and has led to their position as the “Switzerland of Cloud”.

Solving Bigger Problems through Outcome-Based Decision-Making

PCD has always stood out as a service-led partner with a strong digital transformation mindset. One of the foundational aspects of PCD is its vision.

“When we created the business, it was all around making a difference. You make a difference by solving problems for customers. PCD’s trademark was always to have the vision but bring it down to actionable elements that customers can do today.” Pierre Cayouette

From vision to executions, PCD has been able to outline necessary projects for themselves and their customers, leading to success on both ends. Furthermore, the path to success and solutions of customer challenges is easier with a set of specific actions. This outcome-based decision-making model is a key factor in PCD’s continued success with their customers.

Acceleration of Change and Building Trust with Partners

The world of IT and technology industry is rapidly changing every day. In the last year, many companies have achieved new innovative heights and are required to maintain this pace of change as their competitors do the same.

Pierre states that this acceleration of change has resulted in customers turning to fewer partners. Additionally, the pandemic forced companies to take inventory of their partners and turn to the ones they truly trust. As Pierre says, “Customers don’t want to talk to new people. They want to talk to the partners they trust to solve their most pressing problems. The reason customers trust us is because we are honest when we can’t do everything, but we solve problems with the highest standard of PCD excellence.”

Fitting Digital Solutions for Customer Success: PCD and Converge

Acknowledging that PCD alone cannot do “everything,” Pierre says this is where Converge comes into play. Converge Technology Solutions is a North American and industry leading hybrid IT solution provider that is the parent company to over twenty sister companies, like PCD. This family of sister companies works in conjunction with Converge to deliver software solutions and services to customers in North America and Europe and across many industry verticals.

“The platform that Converge is creating is built on bringing together companies like PCD, that are experts in their field and have a strong brand and partnership. Bringing them together to give scale to customers and partners is the goal of Converge.”

Their ability to partner with Converge allows PCD the scale and resources to continue solving their customers’ most challenging problems. Customer success is at the forefront of PCD’s priorities and joining an organization like Converge enables them to do so with the highest standard of excellence.

Leveraging the Partner-to-Partner Ecosystem

The uniqueness and wide variety of partners within the VMware ecosystem are instrumental to providing solutions and delivering services to customers and partners. The partner-to-partner ecosystem is becoming more material and realistic each day. Partners coming together to solve the collective problems of industry verticals and customers is something that is already happening within the industry and will continue to grow in the future. Pierre remarks, “There is a great place for integrators within the industry, and that is the relationship between PCD and Converge. This makes life easier for the customer because they want somebody to control the infrastructure, software, consulting, and provide them options of where to deploy solutions in the cloud or on premise.”

Leveraging the partners within VMware’s ecosystem and in the industry allows for other partners to deliver this level of services and solutions to their customers in the most efficient way possible.

Evolving Partner Experience for the future

Within an industry that is continuously changing, partner needs and partner experience change with it. Partners want a more managed and consultative experience.

“The pandemic has accelerated the fact that there are scarce resources for what everyone wants to do in the industry. This is both a great pain and opportunity. Because of this, the customers are realizing that there is no value in management of software, they want partners like PCD to do it for them.” Pierre Cayouette

The realization of what customers need, the scale needed to provide it, and how PCD can help solve these pain points for customers, while creating opportunities for them to grow is extraordinary. VMware is proud to partner with PCD and Converge and will continue to work with them to meet rapidly changing industry demands and deliver excellence across the board to customers and partners.

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