Partner Awards Are a Key Vehicle to Recognize Partner Success & Innovation

Written by Guest IDC Blogger: Steve White, Program VP, Channels & Alliances

Recognizing Partner Success and Innovation Benefits All

Partner awards are a key vehicle that vendors can use to recognize the success and innovation of their partners, and in IDC’s experience, they are well received and utilized by partners to differentiate themselves with customers. By aligning partner awards to the strategy and business priorities of the vendor, it also allows an ability to further drive and reward partners that align to the strategy and drive great customer outcomes. Effectively it’s a win-win-win for vendors, their partners, and their mutual customers.

VMware’s Partner Achievement Awards program recognizes partner success in areas that are closely aligned to the major trends that have been building over the past year or so, and it also reflects the customer demand changes that have recently been magnified. The unique circumstances of 2020/21 have further accelerated customer digital transformation, highlighting the need for partners to be much more customer and industry-centric and to deliver total solutions. The partner ecosystem is having to transform to a much more on-demand world, with flexible consumption and a focus on customer lifecycle and the services to support that. The VMware Partner Achievement Awards reflect these trends and recognize partners that are demonstrating a forward-thinking attitude and transformation across these areas.

VMware Partner Achievement Awards Program

IDC has worked with VMware to develop their Partner Achievement Awards program over the past two years with the goal of creating a simple process to enable partners to share their successes aligned to VMware’s key priorities. IDC partnered with VMware to review the process, but also participated in reviewing and evaluating partner award submissions as an independent third party. A team of worldwide IDC analysts aligned to technology and partner ecosystems participated in the evaluation process.

In alignment with VMware strategies and business priorities for partner success, this year’s awards program featured the following categories:

  • Partner Digital Transformation Award
  • Partner Innovation Award
  • Partner Lifecycle Services Award
  • Partner Value Award
  • Partner Social Impact Award
  • Partner Industry Award
  • Partner Collaboration Award

A single Partner of the Year winner was also selected for excellence in submissions across multiple categories resulting in end-customer value and business impact.

Partners are Critical in Today’s World and Awards Recognition Rewards Their Success

Partners play a critical role in helping customers realize the most benefit from their technology investments. At IDC, we are seeing that criticality expand as customers have been impacted by the pandemic and accelerated their need to digitally transform. As customer needs have been magnified towards business outcomes and total solutions to their business issues, partners that help customers to navigate the complexity and drive their technology road map as a trusted advisor are more and more important.

In the VMware ecosystem, the transformation of the VMware portfolio underpins the need for the company’s partners to help their customers to leverage the whole portfolio and focus on lifecycle services that drive customer outcomes. This ultimately supports customer digital transformation.

Awards and recognition are a key vehicle to recognize those partners that have adopted the latest VMware technologies and driven better outcomes for their customers.

IDC Essential Guidance

IDC believes the IT market will continue to evolve. The magnification of trends during the pandemic has focused customers, vendors, and partners on using technology to solve customers’ business problems and also help them build an evolved road map for their own digital transformation. This refocus represents an opportunity for partners to evolve their business in more profitable ways, and partner awards programs are a key foundation to recognize and reward those partners that innovate and drive best customer outcomes with their vendor partners.

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