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ITQ: We Love Tech, but We’re Obsessed with Customer Success

Written by Francisco Perez, Customer Success Officer and Founder, ITQ

Proud to be the First VMware Global Partner to Earn All Seven Master Services Competencies

You know a company is proud about something when we shout it from the mountaintop—or at least do today’s equivalent of that—tweet about it. That was the case for us, when earlier this year after earning the VMware Cloud Foundation Master Services Competency, we tweeted:

A VMware consultancy with a passion for IT

ITQ is a VMware consultancy based in the Benelux region (the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium). We serve all EMEA with professional, support, and managed services around the entire VMware portfolio.

As Customer Success Officer and founder of ITQ, I know the importance of having that association with excellence for our company that comes with earning a VMware Master Services Competency (MSC). That’s because each competency requires us to have a certain number of certified experts in a given area and a certain number of clients serve as a reference for us.

As a highly specialized, services-only partner, we clearly see the value of the VMware Partner Connect program and what these MSCs bring to our customers. Achieving an MSC is a powerful confirmation of the level of expertise and experience a consultancy partner has achieved in a specific VMware domain. That’s why earning all 7 MSCs was such a significant accomplishment for us. Simply enough, an MSC is proof of excellence and our passion for IT.

Supporting our customer success obsession with MSCs

As the ITQ website says, “We love technology, but we’re obsessed with customer success.” Those aren’t just nice words; they really are foundational to our company. We show that obsession in everything we do, from giving our clients clear advice on IT design to conducting health checks, administering update services, helping with implementations, and delivering many other services.

We believe that our specialists’ deep knowledge in cutting-edge VMware solutions really sets us apart from other consulting companies. We have expertise in end-user computing, software-defined data center (SDDC), hybrid cloud, IT transformation services, and cloud-native apps. We currently have 60 consultants, and among those we have 5 VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDXs) and 30 vExperts. You can see just how invested we are in VMware by visiting the Awards and Achievements page of our website.

We had already earned 5 MSCs, but as VMware released new ones, we immediately set about earning them. We were the first VMware consultancy to earn all 7 MSCs:

  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Digital Workspace
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Cloud Native Apps
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Network Virtualization

The Dutch Cancer Institute is a great example of how the MSCs have allowed us to help our customers. We worked with them to design and implement large parts of a new, future-proof IT infrastructure. The digital workspace design of this infrastructure uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a mobile device environment that employees and researchers at the hospital now use in their day-to-day work. Our Digital Workspace MSC gave the Dutch Cancer Institute confidence in our ability to help them build out this environment and ensured that we had the skills and experience to do so.

Layering on modern apps and VMware Cloud Foundation expertise

When we heard about the Cloud Native Apps and VMware Cloud Foundation MSCs, the successes that we’d already experienced from earning the other MSCs meant that there was no question that we’d immediately set about earning these new ones. Adding those additional MSCs has already begun delivering the value to our customers and us that we anticipated.

VMware Tanzu solutions are disrupting how we build, run, and manage applications for our customers. We can now help our customers deliver applications and capabilities faster and operate those applications and services reliably, at scale. The Cloud Native Apps MSC allows us to expand our business to deliver professional services across DevOps and drive the consumption of new modern apps via the Tanzu portfolio. As container usage grows exponentially, the MSC will help us embrace the shift to Kubernetes and modern apps and produce new revenue streams.

The VMware Cloud Foundation MSC that we just earned is the most recent MSC available in the Partner Connect Program. VMware Cloud Foundation is the hybrid cloud platform offered by VMware that’s built on full stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Customers can manage their virtual machine (VM) and container-based workloads from the platform across private and public clouds with consistent and secure infrastructure and operations. This MSC demonstrates our deep expertise using VMware Cloud Foundation for server, storage, and network virtualization, as well as for cloud management and automation.

We have already put that latest MSC to use. The Dutch company, a private cloud-based software company for conversational commerce services was one of the first of our customers to embrace VMware Cloud Foundation. Their traditional IT infrastructure required manual VM provisioning, which was slow and inefficient. They transformed their infrastructure by building it on VMware Cloud Foundation. Now they have a new, modernized data center and are beginning to build modern applications using the Tanzu platform.

Having the new MSCs enabled us to help develop and execute their IT strategy in a way that aligned with their business strategy. And as they build their modern applications, our Cloud Native Apps MSC enables us to continue serving them as a trusted advisor in that space as well.

A trifecta of success—for our customers, VMware, and ITQ

Our mission is enabling our customers to accelerate their business with agile IT, using innovative technology provided by VMware. We’re not so much focused on selling VMware technology, but helping customers succeed with that technology. And when our customers succeed, we do, and VMware does.

At ITQ, we are a big believer in the VMware vision of any device, any application, any cloud. We are very proud that we’ve achieved all 7 MSCs in support of that vision. The MSCs help both VMware and our customers see the value we bring. For customers, it’s helping them implement this great technology that accelerates their business. For VMware, it’s ensuring that like us, those customers fully buy into the VMware vision.

If you are a VMware partner and are interested in VMware MSCs, I encourage you to reach out for guidance from the VMware Partner organization. They helped us, and from our experience, we know that they are there to help you succeed.

Learn what ITQ has been up to by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn, or reach out directly to Francisco Perez via email or on Twitter.

Your next steps?

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