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comdivision: Deepening VMware Technology Expertise

Written by Yves Sandfort, CEO, comdivision

Congratulating our VMware Global Partners for Earning All Seven Master Services Competencies

Riddle: What has 2 VMware Certified Design Experts, 34 VMware Certified Implementation Experts, 62 VMware Certified Advanced Professionals, 133 VMware Certified Professionals, 7 Master Services Competencies, and 25 years of experience? Answer: VMware Principal Partner comdivision.

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Members of our team at comdivision.

As CEO of comdivision, I want to brag a little bit about our company and its highly skilled team of VMware experts. Earlier this year, we reached a major milestone—our company earned all seven VMware Master Services Competencies (MSCs). Comdivision is only the second global partner to earn this distinction, the first in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) to do so, and only one of a handful of partners to earn all seven MSCs.

In case you’re not familiar with comdivision, we are a leading VMware architecture, consulting, and enablement company that focuses on providing services for other partners, vendors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We’re based in Germany, but have offices and clients around the world. For the last two years, we’ve also begun building our own direct enterprise and commercial business units. We’ve been a VMware global partner for more than 20 years.

Powerful proof of our skills and experience

It’s important to know what the MSCs are to really understand why they’re so important to us. Offered through the VMware Partner Connect program, MSCs validate our capacity as a partner to deliver services related to specific VMware solutions. To earn even one MSC, much less all seven, requires a significant investment of time and effort. That’s because for each competency, a certain number of our employees must complete a set of advanced, solution-specific VMware certifications, and we must submit a specified number of customer references. Again, that’s for each competency.

We are proud to share that we’ve earned all seven of the MSCs offered by VMware:

  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Digital Workspace
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Cloud Native Apps
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Network Virtualization

The requirements to earn VMware MSCs are even deeper than those that other technology companies require for certifications. One of the most powerful sources of validation is from the customer testimonials. They really provide proof to prospective customers that an MSC means we’re highly skilled in a given area.

Our ticket to more and bigger deals

We’ve noticed that customers now demand that we have advanced skillsets. They’re counting on us to help them digitally transform, whether that’s moving to a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, building a software-defined data center or network, launching and managing a digital workspace, modernizing apps to be cloud native, or achieving their other business and technology goals. To open up more deals, customers must also be able to view us as their trusted advisor.

VMware offers several ways for us to become that trusted advisor. Earning MSCs is one of them. The MSCs, Solution Competencies, and entire Partner Connect program provides for constant re-evaluation of our skill levels. Having a deep understanding of VMware products before we present solutions to customers is critical. MSCs help us do that and investing in all the required training makes us better positioned to win new opportunities as they arise.

MSCs make a huge difference—they’re not just certification plaques to hang on the wall. They give our company market recognition and serve as an important differentiator. When a company has hundreds of partners in Germany to choose from, the MSCs provide an easy way to quickly narrow the field to only partners, like us, that have the needed skills and experience. They’re proof to the outside world that we have the skillset for VMware solutions.

MSCs have also helped our existing and potential customers more clearly understand that the role of a company like comdivision is to help them realize value from VMware solutions, not directly sell those solutions. In addition, MSCs make it much easier for VMware to see how partners like us who offer strategic and consulting expertise with VMware solutions contribute to the success of each partner and their customers. That understanding has strengthened the collaboration between VMware and our company. 

Driven to invest in skills and education

Developing deep competencies through education and training is in our company’s DNA. Our team members spend anywhere from two to three weeks each quarter on building skills. Back in 2019, when VMware offered only five competencies, comdivision was the first global partner to earn all five. Being prepared to offer the highest level of services really is and has always been in our genes. In fact, we’re currently looking to expand our team, and one of the most important traits we look for in those we bring onboard is that drive for excellence.

The fact that we have earned all seven MSCs speaks to our strong commitment to serving customers with VMware solutions at the highest levels. Earning all seven MSCs is such a big deal that VMware’s former CEO Pat Gelsinger congratulated our team in a video. We really do feel like we are an extension of the larger VMware team.

A celebration of 25 years and seven MSCs

The year 2021 started with new members joining our team who strengthened our cloud-native and modern apps area. It continued with our achievement of the seven MSCs. All this coincides with our company celebrating its 25th anniversary. We just finished our best year ever, with revenue doubling from the previous year—all during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking at a fantastic 2021, as we celebrate seven MSCs, our 25th anniversary, and our growing list of customers globally.

Learn more about our recent accomplishments and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and see all that we’re up to at comdivision.

Your next steps?

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