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Introducing our new podcast: VMware Partnership Perspectives

As IT teams grapple with how to address the rapid acceleration of digital-first initiatives and hybrid work, partnership has never been more important. Partners act as trusted business advisors to technology leaders, helping to shape their strategy and guide them on how to choose the right solutions.

While you navigate these changes, you’re probably wondering: How are other partner-oriented businesses approaching this moment? How are they dealing with the opportunities and challenges of pandemic recovery and distributed work?

We created a new podcast, VMware Partnership Perspectives, to answer these questions and more.

Hosted by Kathleen Tandy, Vice President of Global Partner and Alliance Marketing at VMware, each episode will feature partner business and tech leaders, VMware executives, and industry analysts to discuss today’s biggest topics in tech and share their stories of success and struggle. From leadership styles to talent retention to the future of digital business, we’ll explore the many different facets of our collective, technology-driven future.

Each episode is about a half hour—give or take a few minutes—making it easy to get a dose of inspiration and insight during your work week.

Get a sneak peek of our guest lineup

Start by listening to Kathleen Tandy discuss her objectives for the podcast in the teaser episode.

Then dive into our first full-length episode, a discussion with Yves Sandfort, CEO of comdivision, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company was an early VMware adopter, forging a partnership that began in 2001. Yves talked to Kathleen about lessons learned over the years, and how their approach to consultancy changed as a result of the pandemic.

When the world shifted abruptly in 2020, comdivision adapted to meet changing customer circumstances and help their consultants juggle new responsibilities in their own lives—with great results. As one customer told Yves: “It’s so relaxing to work with you, because you adjust to our needs.”

The conversation covers the widespread move to cloud and digital-first initiatives, the future of remote work, and creative ideas for improving client engagement. Hint: One such idea involves Lego. It’s a chat you don’t want to miss.

Other guests on the roster include:

  • Tracy-Ann Palmer, Future of VMware Partner Programs, will talk about new developments and solutions at VMware, and how her team is working to elevate the VMware partner experience.
  • Keith Rozmus, SVP Client Success, SoftServe, will share insights on this unique moment in time—and the strategies SoftServe is using to build customer success.

Don’t miss an episode of the Partnership Perspectives podcast

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