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Partners Accelerate Profitability with New Customer Lifecycle Incentives

On Monday, March 22, 2021 we launched new Customer Lifecycle Incentives focused on rewarding partners for helping customers drive digital transformation throughout their end-to-end journey. These new offerings are designed to help partners drive increased profitability through new and expanded customer engagement, a simplified experience, optimized incentive return on investment, and partner-to-partner cooperation rewards.

Customer Lifecycle Incentives is the next evolution of VMware’s Partner Connect Program, the foundation of its partner ecosystem, which launched in February 2020. We are committed to continuously evolving our partner program to adapt to industry demands and customer expectations. With the new Customer Lifecycle Incentive offerings, VMware partners can take advantage of the increased need for customer Software-as-a-Service transformation and shifting sales processes.

The new incentive offerings unveiled today are the result of extensive collaboration with our partners to define and build incentives that matter to them. The new Customer Lifecycle Incentives are designed to give our partners more support and tools to differentiate and transform their business and VMware practices.

VMware’s Customer Lifecycle Incentives provides partners with more opportunities to leverage unique skills and deliver value across the entire customer lifecycle. VMware’s robust, diverse partner ecosystem provides partners with the ability to drive strategic SaaS-driven partner engagement with business models to accommodate all types of partners. It also offers a differentiated technology stack that builds a digital foundation to meet developers’ needs. For the first time, these new offerings also provide increased opportunities for Services only Partners to participate in incentive programs.

New Incentive Offerings Include:

  • Technical Assessments – Designed to recognize the value in assessing a customer’s environment to address key business outcomes, the Technical Assessment incentive empowers partners to identify key VMware solutions to solve customer challenges. Examples of technical assessments could include delivering recommendations on applications, optimizing server workload and virtualization usage, providing a list of applications that could be modernized, or creating a migration readiness and implementation plan.
  • Proof of Concept – This incentive will reward VMware partners that deliver proof of concept through a workshop, onboarding the customer, or through use-case implementation, demonstration and evaluation. It can be exercised by both transacting and non-transacting partners and will determine the feasibility of the idea or verify that the idea will function as envisioned.
  • Partner-to-Partner Accelerator (initial availability limited to EMEA) – The Partner-to-Partner Accelerator rewards ‘Sell Through’ partners who identify opportunities, book eligible orders, and hand off to the ‘Orchestrate With’ partners to activate the solution and facilitate consumption of VMware services. This allows customers to purchase through their usual reseller and receive services from a specialized ‘services only’ best of breed partners.

Learn more about our new Customer Lifecycle Incentives and start earning rewards as your build your VMware practice.

Thank you for your partnership.

Tracy-Ann Palmer

Vice President,
Partner Programs and Experience


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  1. This may include measures such as providing support for customer acquisition, retention, and upselling, as well as offering training or resources to help partners better understand and manage the customer experience.

  2. This statement suggests that a company or organization is offering incentives to its partners to help them increase their profitability by focusing on the customer lifecycle.

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