VMware Board of Directors Initiates Search for Chief Executive Officer

Every new year brings the opportunity for renewal. We started 2021 with strong momentum within the VMware partner community, and we’re excited to go after the opportunities in front of us. Our CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently made the personal decision to become the CEO of Intel, where he began his career. This is his opportunity for renewing an iconic brand where he spent three decades. We will miss Pat, but we are so glad that he will remain on the VMware Board of Directors, continuing to guide us on our transformational journey.

Pat’s imprint on VMware’s market leadership and its culture has been incredible and will have lasting impact. During Pat’s tenure, VMware grew our business three-fold and laid the groundwork for a connected partner ecosystem that is growing stronger every day. 2021 is an exciting time for VMware and our partners. Now, more than ever, our partners are playing a more critical role in delivering the VMware digital foundation. Our customers rely on our partners for their services, counsel, and expertise—particularly across technical and industry-specific domains. And VMware relies on our partners to support customers, at scale, and at any stage of their digital transformation journey.

Everything we do is about unleashing our partners’ capabilities in order to scale customer-for-life value across the connected ecosystem. In 2021, VMware and our partners will have a breakthrough year by aligning to execute against four strategic priorities:

  • Embed a partner-first culture and strategy at VMware at a different level and scale. This is how we co-develop, co-design, co-innovate, and put that at the forefront with our VMware business units, sales, marketing, services, education, and technology teams. We’re driving everything with partner as our GTM.
  • Drive technology prowess and enable our partners with as much knowledge and power so that they can deliver the digital foundation at scale, bringing enablement, proof of concepts, and trials faster to our partners so they can truly become VMware experts.
  • Align to the value continuum and center our efforts around scaling customer-for-life value through a connected ecosystem. That is our charter and how we have redesigned our partner GTM to focus on unleashing our partners’ services capabilities.
  • Enable a solution-focused, connected partner ecosystem by enabling partners with complementary skills to come together to better support their customers’ journeys. We will be focusing more and more on areas to get to use case-based orientation.

These four imperatives will drive our execution and accelerate success together and will ensure our success with the customer-for-life mindset and a predictable, profitable, and simplified operating model.

I believe our best days are ahead of us, and we look forward to working with our partners to deliver continued growth, innovation across our technology offerings, and most importantly, customer success.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Sandy Hogan
Senior Vice President, 
Worldwide Partner andCommercial Organization


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