Advancing the VMware Master Services Competencies for Partner Services Growth, Deepened Customer Relationship, and Differentiated Expertise

Customers today want flexibility in their business, to innovate faster, and to increase efficiencies while decreasing costs. VMware continues to address this by evolving and aligning our partner ecosystem to help partners accelerate franchise platform growth with their customers.

Today, we are proud to announce a new extension to our Master Services Competencies (MSC) – the Host | Satellite program. The Host | Satellite program helps multi-national companies to maximize value for their customers, as well as build franchise depth and capabilities across the customer lifecycle.  By recognizing expertise and investment in VMware services capabilities across a region, when one partner affiliate (host) earns a full MSC, all other affiliated partners (satellite) in a region become eligible for a subset of MSC requirements.

VMware MSCs give partners the knowledge, skills, and tools to demonstrate next-generation VMware services delivery capabilities, drive services growth, and deepen customer relationships. Partners who successfully achieve an MSC in any chosen path unlock benefits designed to strengthen expertise to drive future services growth, deepen customer relationships, and differentiate their expertise in the marketplace.

“As a highly specialized, services-only partner, ITQ sees the value that VMware’s Master Services Competency program brings for customers. Achieving an MSC delivers a real confirmation of the level of expertise and experience a consultancy partner achieves in a specific VMware domain, and ITQ has already achieved 7 MSCs in the Netherlands,” said Tom Vallons, Managing Director for ITQ Consultancy bv, a VMware Principal Partner based in the Benelux, Europe. “ITQ will be ready immediately to deliver the value of The Host | Satellite program to our customers, with no less than five Satellite MSCs extending to Belgium and Luxembourg. This will allow us to better serve the entire region and help customers maximize the value from their VMware investments.”

Providing an Expansive Reach and Depth of Expertise

“By extending MSCs for partners across the region with the Host | Satellite program, VMware partners can unlock tremendous opportunities, including a pathway to Principal tier,” said Tracy-Ann Palmer, VMware’s Vice President Partner Programs and Experience. “The program offers expanded reach and franchise depth of capabilities across the customer lifecycle and will enable partners to better meet customers’ needs.”

Apply and Get Involved

If the host meets the criteria and is located in the same region as the satellite, they are eligible to apply.  The subsidiary relationship between the host and the satellite companies must also be validated. More detailed information on the Host | Satellite program can be found here.

The VMware Partner Connect Program rewards and recognizes you as you invest in and achieve Solution and MSCs, aligned to our customers’ strategic IT priorities. Partner Connect offers a consistent experience designed to provide you with clear paths to profitability. Now is the time to capitalize on these new competencies to fully take advantage of the Partner Connect program and valuable partner benefits.


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