Mark Your Calendars! The Modern Network for a Future Ready Business Event is November 17th

Applications are going through a major transformationThey are becoming more dynamic, complex, and distributed. They are often built on cloud-native principles and run on-premises and in the cloudBut as we speak with our customers and industry analysts, wconsistently hear about the need to rethink how the network supports this transformation and why it is so important for the business. 

To help guide our partners and customers through this changing field and challenging times, VMware is hosting a global online event: The Modern Network for a Future Ready Business. Join us for this event on November 17th, where VMware executives will join industry analysts, customers, and partners to talk through the challenges of existing networking models and explore modern strategies for network optimization.  

In this virtual event, we will look at the traditional networking model, carefully identify its shortcomings when it comes to servicing the application and the end user and make the case for a new framework – the Modern Network. Traditional networking takes a bottom-up approach that focuses on connecting boxes in the campus, branch, and data center, with little attention paid to the apps running on top of the infrastructure. In contrast, the Modern Network keeps the end user application experience front and center as it establishes the key pillars for network modernization. 

Whether you’re a service provider, partner, business leader, developer, or part of enterprise IT, the event will be a valuable exploration of modern networking strategy. 


Here’s a sneak preview (0:28): 



Regardless of what infrastructure and application development technologies you use and where your organization is on the network modernization spectrum, this event offers value to all those in the IT world.  

We look forward to seeing you there.  Register now! 



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