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How Galaxy Leads in India as one of the Top VMware Partners

Partners play a major role in helping VMware reach customers around the world. Today we’d like to talk about how one of our top partners uses its expertise, training, and dedication to help companies get the most out of VMware solutions. As a Principal Partner for VMware, Galaxy Office Automation has been recognized as a VMware Partner of the Year in India – Mobility for the past three years running. Our Director of Partner Sales in India, Manish Alshi, sat down with Galaxy’s CEO Sanjay Patodia and Nishant Jalan, Director of Cybersecurity & Networking, to talk about the successful partnership between VMware and Galaxy.


Q: Tell us more about where Galaxy started and how it became the recognized VMware partner that it is today.

Sanjay: Galaxy has been in business for more than 30 years, and our focus and expertise continues to evolve. It has always been our philosophy that we must keep changing to best serve our customers. When we started in 1987, we specialized in selling automation products. Then our focus shifted toward work as a hardware reseller. More recently, we have developed skills to become one of the top systems integrators and service providers in India.

Our actual journey with VMware began about a decade ago with Virtualization. VMware was a pioneer in Virtualization and with our strong data center background & expertise, it was a logical extension to our portfolio. Subsequently, when VMware acquired AirWatch in 2014, we started getting very interested in what VMware was doing with its go to market strategy perspective and we saw an opportunity to invest further in the partnership. Over the last 5 years, we’ve strengthened our technical and sales expertise around VMware’s evolving product portfolio and that has led us to becoming one of the top partners for VMware in India.


Q: As part of this partnership, Galaxy has obtained multiple Master Services Competencies (MSCs). How do these competencies contribute to serving clients?

Sanjay: We’re not just selling products at Galaxy. We’re selling solutions to our customers’ challenges. To help our customers achieve their goals, we need to understand VMware solutions inside out. MSCs help us showcase & demonstrate that we have achieved the highest level of expertise in a given solution area.

We became the first partner in India to obtain the Network Virtualization and Data Center Virtualization MSCs. We’re only a few months away from obtaining the Cloud Management and Automation, Cloud Native, and Digital Workspace MSCs as well.

Nishant: MSCs add tremendous value not only for our business, but more importantly, for our customers as well. Many of our VMware customers are making big changes to their IT environments. They’re moving away from traditional hardware-based solutions to the cloud and more software-defined data center offerings, with which many companies are not completely familiar. They want a partner that they can trust to guide them through this transition. Having the MSC reassures our customers that we have the expertise to support them every step of the way.


Q: You recently used this knowledge to support a big deal for VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Tell us more about that.

Nishant: We were brought in to consult during the RFP process for a major automobile manufacturer here in India. The company has a common challenge: it has branches across India and needs a way to make sure that all of these locations remain connected to central systems and keep critical applications running. Instead of just refreshing its routers, we suggested that the customer look for smarter, virtual devices that could sit directly in the network.

With VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the customer now has a single console for complete visibility across its entire network. It can understand bandwidth trends, identify where it needs to scale, and solve issues before they become major connectivity problems. Plus, it costs much less to scale with SD-WAN compared to buying new hardware.

We’re seeing a growing demand for SD-WAN in India, and we think that there is a lot of opportunity for VMware as leaders in the software-defined networking market.


Q: What are some other trends that you’ve seen for VMware in India?

Nishant: Recently we’ve had several customers in the finance industry asking about VMware NSX. The challenge is typically the same: these customers now provide more services through mobile devices, including mobile apps, kiosks, and other types of mobile usage. They need an agile and secure platform to support mobile device management (MDM) solutions. VMware NSX checks all of the boxes for these customers. The automation in NSX provides much greater flexibility, agility, and scale. Micro-segmentation allows the organizations to keep information secure without needing to install physical firewalls. We also use VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) for load balancing and AirWatch for unified endpoint management to bring greater performance to mobile solutions. We think we will be seeing many more NSX deployments across all industries.


Q: Where do you see the future of your partnership with VMware going?

Sanjay: VMware provides incredible flexibility to support any application on any device on any cloud. We see a lot of opportunity for VMware’s overall growth, not just with SD-WAN and NSX. For instance, we recently finished work on a big deal for VMware Carbon Black, the first deal of its size in India.

As for our partnership, we’re working on ways to help expand VMware in India. We recently opened a VMware lab running VMware Cloud on AWS. We can bring customers to our labs to run a proof of concept or showcase a demo of VMware’s varied solutions. The labs are also useful for internal training. Our teams can acquire skills faster because they have a lab available for them at any time.

We set a high bar for Galaxy. We want to be first in everything, whether it’s acquiring new skills or reaching new customers. With VMware, we aim to bring the best solutions to our customers.



Visit Galaxy Office Automation for more information on how to work with them on your data center or cloud deployment.

Want to learn more about the MSC’s available from VMware? Check out the VMware Master Services Competencies Guide.





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