The New VMware Partner Demand Center: Redesigned for a New Era of Digital Marketing

It’s a brave, new world for marketers. Like every other facet of business, the way we connect with prospects changed almost overnight. A lot of us are working remotely. Face-to-face interactions got converted to virtual equivalents. And the long-term vision that marketers had for digital transformation got turned into immediate action items. The team at McKinsey sums it up nicely: “Businesses that once mapped digital strategy in one to three-year phases must now scale their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks.” Marketers have seen for themselves exactly how true that pronouncement is.  The good news: Despite the disruption and uncertainty the pandemic has initiated, more than half of US B2B buyers are currently considering purchases for their business.


So, how are we at VMware helping partners like you navigate this new normal? On September 14, we are launching an all new Partner Demand Center. It’s specifically designed to help you rise to the challenges of this unprecedented time by connecting you with the resources you need for smarter marketing. Instead of scrambling to adapt old-school tactics to a new digital world, it helps you approach VMware campaigns strategically based on a “digital-first” mindset.


It all starts with a solid plan: a digital Campaign Blueprint. Today’s VMware technology prospects and customers are pressed for time. They don’t have the patience for irrelevant offers or non-personalized content. That’s why it’s so important to map out their journey and give them the right content that they can consume the way they want, when they want. The Campaign Blueprint gives you a messaging breakdown for each stage in the buyer’s journey, along with the appropriate assets for each stage of the journey at every touchpoint.


VMware's new Partner Demand Center How-To


Even in a digital world, buyers still follow a familiar path: Awareness > Education > Consideration. First, they need to know that you have a solution. Then, they need education on how that solution will address their challenges. And finally, they need to know how the solution will deliver the value they need and the ROI they expect. The Campaign Blueprint follows that proven formula, but the way that journey proceeds will now be entirely digital. It still involves a variety of tactics and activities to drive engagement and build pipeline, but the way you will likely deliver those activities will be entirely online in the form of web banners, syndicated web product and solution content, emails, social media, content behind gated landing pages, and so on.


Content Matters

Quality content can be a clear competitive differentiator. Customers and prospects are hungry for relevant content from trusted sources, and they want it served up to them via digital channels. We’ve designed the new Partner Demand Center with this reality in mind. And the new campaigns, like the Future Ready campaign, can help you stand out through content that delivers compelling messaging and assets that frame challenges in the customer’s terms, clearly showing how VMware solutions can help.


Launch Campaigns Your Way

The new Partner Demand Center platform has a host of digital campaigns across VMware solutions that are ready to launch now. Or you can download the campaign materials you want and deploy them through your own systems. It’s your choice.


The pandemic may have shifted the way we market to digital channels, but it also increased the urgency to nurture strong relationships with customers. Our mission as marketers is to deliver the content and resources that keep customers engaged and deliver true value to their businesses. The new Partner Demand Center is designed to help you do just that.

To access the VMware Partner Demand Center, you first need to log into the VMware Partner Connect portal, visit the Marketing page, and click on Partner Demand Center. The button automatically signs you into the new platform.


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