New 2-Host Configuration for VMware Cloud on AWS Now Available in Preview

VMware is excited to announce the availability of a new 2-host offering, expanding the configuration options available to VMware partners. Previously, VMware Cloud on AWS was available in a single host offering and a 3+ host offering. With the addition of the 2-host offering, our partners now have greater flexibility to select the right configuration to meet their customer’s business requirements.


As the lowest priced configuration, the single host offering is ideal for our partners to use for customer proof of concepts and test/development projects that last less than 30 days. The single host offering is available with no SLA, and after 30 days, single host configurations are automatically deleted. The 3+ host offering provides a persistent SDDC cluster with an SLA agreement, no time limit and ability to add additional hosts, making it ideal for business critical, production workloads.


The new 2-host offering provides a lower cost entry point that partners can provide to their customers for projects that don’t require 3+ hosts. Offered as a persistent SDDC cluster, with no time limit and the ability to add additional hosts, this offering is ideal for any use case that has low initial capacity requirements, such as VDI workloads. Since most customers that deploy VMware Cloud on AWS increase their usage over time, partners will typically experience an increase in revenue over time as their customers deploy more applications.


This new 2-host offering is available today in ‘Preview’ and the main difference between this offering in ‘Preview’ and the 3+ host offering is the fact that this offering does not come with an SLA. Partners, this 2-host offering is eligible for a 30% discount for product demos, development, testing, solution validation, and internal training – learn more. For more on the single host offering or to get other details about VMware Cloud on AWS, access these FAQs.


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