Announcing Initial Availability of VMware Cloud Director™ Service

We’ve been waiting a long time for this and at last it’s here… the VMware Cloud Provider community can now leverage all the goodness of our asset-light VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure service even for their smaller customer base through the secure isolated multi-tenancy of Cloud Director Service!


The core use cases of VMware Cloud Director™ service consist of:

  1. Right sizing resources: The ability to carve up VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC infrastructure into smaller resource pools for customer organizations, making their initial investment smaller, but with the flexibility to expand to dedicated resources pools as they grow the service capacity. This is particularly appealing to Cloud Providers who typically have smaller mid-tier and SMB customers, now making this a more cost viable solution for them also.
  2. Simple expansion: If you want to speed up the roll out of additional capacity to augment your data center, then this is for you! VMware can add capacity host to your SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS very quickly, then you can add this to your tenant’s capacity within minutes. Cloud Director service allows you to provide increased geography coverage or availability zones by purchasing on demand or committed multi-tenant capacity and extend your virtual data centers into the new regions. All regions, or availability zones and endpoints, can be seen in the common Cloud Director service dashboard.
  3. Exploit true power of Hybrid Cloud model and avoid fragmented offerings: VMware Cloud Director service is built on the same proven architecture and user experience as VMware Cloud Director on-premises. This allows you deliver a simple, seamless common operational model for your customers and cloud admin. Deliver new offerings from the VMware Cloud Director service UI, as the product evolves, we aim to achieve service parity with VMware Cloud Director on-premises and provide multi-site hybrid capability and service delivery.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there, you can sell all sorts of VMware Cloud Director service consumption model-based services from pay as you go public cloud IAAS, to dedicated resource pools for private cloud, all on the same shared infrastructure or allocated against specific hosts.  This asset-light multi-tenant model relieves you from day-to-day management of IaaS services and enables you to deliver managed services without having to worry about managing the physical infrastructure or the operational support systems such as NSX, vSAN, vSphere, and VMware Cloud Director service – all managed by VMware.


Initial Availability is the stage prior GA where we release a feature limited product in North America only, to a restricted number of partners, who will start transacting with real customers. Many features are limited in Initial Availability whilst the product grows a customer base and gets market traction. As a SaaS service, the great news is that VMware will introduce more features without you needing to upgrade and all maintenance is taken care of by VMware.


As the market changes and we see more and more Cloud Owners (asset-heavy) turn into Cloud Renters (asset-light). A common service delivery platform is needed to cover the Cloud Provider data center, public clouds, and edge infrastructures to provide a unified Cloud Management Experience. VMware Cloud Director service is the first part of this journey from the VMware Cloud Provider Software Business Unit, specifically to supply the hybrid needs of customers from Cloud Providers.


To find out more information, visit this page on the Cloud Provider Hub, in addition to these other resources:


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