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VMware Announces Kubernetes Support for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware has recently rolled out a number of new features for VMware Cloud on AWS. One of the most significant is VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus for VMware Cloud on AWS, enabling partners to expand their footprint in existing accounts, sell a unique solution that supports both containers and virtual machines using tools your customers are already familiar with, and increase professional services revenue.


VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus for VMware Cloud on AWS allows VMware partners to help their customers run, monitor, and manage containers and virtual machines on the same platform using the same tools. This provides flexibility and simplifies infrastructure operations. Applications can be migrated to the cloud without downtime. And once in the cloud, applications can be transformed by leveraging modern frameworks such as Kubernetes. As organizations progress towards building and deploying cloud native applications, there needs to be a consistent and reliable technology that simplifies and removes a lot of the underlying guess work. Now, you can offer your customers a platform that solves this problem, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus – VMware’s supported Kubernetes runtime, on VMware Cloud on AWS.


The accelerated adoption of containers provides a way for organizations to rapidly develop new applications but it has also created silos between new and existing environments. VMware partners that helped their customers architect and deploy vSphere environments can now, for the first time, integrate containers into their customer’s vSphere environment in a hybrid cloud. They can use their expertise in vSphere, VMware management tools, cloud, and containers to expand their presence in existing customers, helping them to deploy an integrated environment for migrating applications to the cloud and modernizing applications with containers. VMware partners are also able to engage with new customers that are seeking a single platform for running and managing both virtual machines and containers.


The fast pace of innovation in our industry makes it challenging for organizations to understand how to bring new technologies, such as hybrid cloud and containers, into their existing IT environments. Organizations can often deploy new technologies in isolated environments, however, integrating new technologies into existing environment while maintaining reliability, performance, and minimizing new training can be a significant challenge.  As a trusted advisor, VMware partners can offer services to help organizations overcome these challenges.  Consulting services such as planning, architecting, and deployment services typically generate more revenue than selling the solution. And through programs such as VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency, VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency, and the Ignite program, VMware can help partners develop the expertise needed to deliver these services and generate higher revenue.


Read this blog to learn about all the new VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities. And for a deeper dive about VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus for VMware Cloud on AWS, read this blog.


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