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Accelerating the Modern Application Platform with VMware and Pivotal

We have some exciting news to share! VMware, Inc. (“VMware”) completed its acquisition of Pivotal on December 30, 2019.


VMware and Pivotal share a long history of collaboration and innovation, reflected in the co-development and launch of VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) in February of 2018. VMware has increased its Kubernetes-related investments over the past year with the acquisition of Heptio, and the Kubernetes founders, and has become one of the top three contributors to Kubernetes. The combination of Pivotal’s developer experience and assets along with our IT expertise and infrastructure, will help deliver a comprehensive portfolio of products, tools, and services necessary to build, run, and manage modern applications on Kubernetes infrastructure with velocity and efficiency.


VMware plans to integrate our two partner ecosystems into a single partner program in order to maximize the scale and resources of VMware while embracing the skills and services of Pivotal’s ecosystem. The combined partner ecosystem will represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to accelerate the transformation of our customers’ cloud-native infrastructure and application estates. Integrating our two programs will allow our partner eco-systems to unify their infrastructure and application practices around a common cloud-native stack, Tanzu, and grow their overall practices to generate new streams of revenue—all while preserving their investment in Pivotal and VMware practices.


Here are some key points to be aware of:

  • For VMware Q4 (through January 31, 2020) it’s business as usual. Partners can transact through either VMware or Pivotal with no changes to either partner program.
  • In February VMware will be updating its channel price books to include the remaining Pivotal product SKUs to enable VMware partners to support Pivotal opportunities as necessary. These new SKUs will continue to require the VMware solutions competency to be transacted.
    • Did you know: In November of 2019 VMware removed the networking virtualization requirement from the VMware PKS Solution Competency making the competency more aligned to development and application services partners.  VMware still highly recommends that partners in this solution area have network virtualization skills in order to maximize their customers integration of Enterprise PKS, but those skills are no longer a requirement to achieve the competency and resell.
  • Starting in February 2020, VMware will work towards integrating our partner enablement (PAL, CND, CNA) and certifications into the VMware solutions competency and master services competency programs.
  • Pivotal partners who are not currently a part of the VMware partner program and who wish to continue to develop their services capabilities can take advantage of our resell and services programs by enrolling as a new VMware partner. VMware will not be able to migrate existing Pivotal partners into its program. We look forward to having you join.
  • If you’re a Pivotal partner focused on solutions integration (ISVs, Technology partnerships, etc.), join the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. This program will give you access to technology integrations and go-to-market for aligned solutions.


There’s tremendous opportunity ahead for VMware and Pivotal’s combined partner eco-system to guide and transform our customers on their journeys towards modern applications.  With the application build capabilities Pivotal partners can bring to the combined partner eco-system, we’re excited about the future services opportunities helping customers realize their cloud native vision with VMware + Pivotal solutions.


As we bring these eco-systems together, our call to action is to:


For more information on the acquisition, view these VMware partner FAQs. Thank you


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