Partner Connect: The Countdown Has Started, and We’re ‘Go’ for Launch

Partners throughout the VMware ecosystem have heard a lot about Partner Connect. We’ve designed a simpler program that remains focused on the principles of simplicity, choice, and innovation and supports with the core business of our partners. With Partner Connect, partners can choose how they want to engage with VMware and with customers. Partner Connect is an innovative program aligned with the new realities of today’s markets and customer needs. And, because this new program represents a giant leap forward, we’ve chosen Leap Day, February 29, 2020, as our launch date!

We’ve been sharing some of the broad strokes regarding this new program and many of you heard the latest news at VMworld 2019 Europe. Now, more of the details are coming into focus. You can find much of the information you’ll need in the new Partner Connect Program Guide.


Tier Credit Thresholds: Setting the Bar for Success

In our previous blog, we looked at Partner Connect’s tier credit model and how multipliers will apply to transactions to level the playing field across licensing models, market size, and solution maturity, versus focusing solely on revenue attainment. Tier credits are measured within each strategic IT focus area.

To advance up a tier, a partner must earn the required sales performance tier credits and achieve the required competency for the area of focus. For example, a partner could have the solution competency and the Master Services Competency for Cloud Management and Automation. But to achieve Principal tier, the highest and most profitable tier within the program structure, they would also need to meet the tier credits threshold for the solutions within this focus area. By achieving Principal level, a partner has proven the highest level of VMware expertise and sales performance. As a result, Principal partners will reap the most rewards.


Predictable Performance

One of the intended outcomes of Partner Connect is to increase predictability for both VMware partners and customers. By linking partner levels to solution understanding and performance, we increase the value of the shared solutions we bring to market with our partners. Customers can easily identify and trust a partner’s expertise and experience with specific VMware technologies and the ability to help them realize the expected value from their VMware investment. At the same time, partners know that their own investment in building VMware expertise will pay increasingly higher dividends as they advance, culminating in unlocking the maximum value that comes with attaining Principal tier.

Partners can learn more about the competency requirements for the new tiers and get a prediction for their own partnership tier based on their achievements within a strategic initiative, by visiting the Partner Connect Transition Dashboard. The dashboard will also soon include sales performance for each strategic initiative. Please note that a partner’s primary contact has access to the Dashboard initially and they can then assign access to other parties, as needed.

We look forward to sharing additional details as we move closer to launch on February 29, 2020.


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