Partner Connect: See the Power of Partnership in action at VMworld 2019

It’s an exciting time to be a VMware partner! As we approach the launch of the new VMware Partner Connect program, you’ll continue to experience the same simplicity, choice, and innovation in your VMware partner relationship that we deliver together to our customers.

As you may recall from our earlier announcement, Partner Connect brings some welcome changes to our previous partner program. Over the years, we made various short-term adjustments to address specific program, partner, or market needs, but too often those changes made our engagement with you more complex. With Partner Connect, the consistent, simplified experience will help you grow your business, strengthen your value propositions with customers, and give you greater flexibility in how you choose to partner with us.

As with any innovation, our new Partner Connect program will continue to evolve as we develop a single, consistent program experience with a flexible framework that aligns to your business models. Along the way, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest enhancements.

Which brings us to VMworld 2019 US in San Francisco this August 25 – 29, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Partner Connect and what this new way of doing business means for your collaboration with VMware. Our kiosk in the Partner Lounge will be staffed with experts on the new program and we’ll hold two theater sessions on the topic as well. You’ll even get a preview of the new partner portal and how it will enhance and streamline your partner experience.

A partner experience to overcome today’s challenges

Our mission with the launch of Partner Connect is to improve your overall experience by consolidating multiple partner business models into a single program with a clear path to profitability regardless if your focus is on resell, cloud, or service delivery. As the program evolves, we will add other business models. This new approach opens the door to:

  • Simplicity – streamlined requirements across routes to market, with a single partner agreement for all business models
  • Choice – flexibility to support customers across the full lifecycle, from on-premises and cloud-hosted solutions to managed services
  • Innovation – support across solutions and access to emerging offerings with transformative potential

In addition, Partner Connect will use a value-based points system to balance emerging opportunities with established paths to success. This will offer you the option to choose the level of investment that best fits your own goals and expertise: Partner, Advanced Partner, and Principal Partner for the solution areas that makes sense for your business.

Find out more at VMworld 2019 US

We’ve just scratched the surface with this preview of Partner Connect. At VMworld in San Francisco, we’ll share more details on the program—and how you can benefit—during the following Partner Lounge Theater sessions being offered within the Partner Forum @ VMworld program:

And don’t forget to stop by the Partner Connect Kiosk in the Partner Lounge. There you can speak directly with one of our experts and discover how your organization can get the most from this exciting new program designed to maximize the value of your VMware partnership.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!