Putting the Master in Master Services Competencies

Your customers are looking for a financially sound technology roadmap that will simplify adoption, improve operational efficiency, and minimize disruption.  They want real-time insights from a business partner that has broad expertise and a deep knowledge of VMware technology, enabling them to realize the full power of their VMware solutions and achieve their business objectives sooner.

Your customers are looking for you – so make sure you stand out from the competition with VMware Master Services Competencies.


The Value of Mastery 

Master Services Competencies (MSCs) are built upon attainment of advanced-level technical certifications and proof of high-level service capability and expertise as validated by customers – which in turn helps identify, validate and promote VMware’s most services-capable partners.

This apex of mastery demonstrates a partner moving from “competent to capable” and unlocks valuable resources and recognition to extend partners’ services capabilities, differentiate expertise, and help drive more services revenue, including:

  • Education discounts
  • Access to additional Not for Resale (NFR) licenses
  • Priority enrollment in VMware Livefire and the VMware Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) Academy
  • Premium subscriptions to the VMware Learning Zone
  • Early access to Solution Enablement Toolkits (SETs)
  • Brand visibility with Master Services Competency badging
  • Partner Locator lead generation capabilities
  • Customer and market visibility, including press release templates
  • Recognition on com


How to Get Started

Organizations attain a Master Services Competency by: 1) having the required number of individuals achieve a set of advanced, solution-specific VMware certifications and competencies and 2) submission of validated customer references. For full details on what you’ll need to achieve a Master Services Competency, read this program guide.

To ensure partners are recognized for the solution areas that best align with their business focus, partners may choose to invest in one or many Maser Services Competencies:

To see where you are on your path to attaining a Master Services Competency, review your Solution Competency and Master Services Competency dashboards in Partner Central.


What’s Next?

We are in the process of transforming of our partner program landscape, reimagining the way we do business with and for our partners to deliver simplicity, choice, and innovation.  The most capable partners in this new program, VMware Partner Connect, will be identified by their achievement of Master Services Competencies.

Partners, invest in Master Services Competencies today to ensure you’re ready for Day One of VMware Partner Connect.  For help getting started, tune in to our upcoming vmLIVE on July 11.

And – if you’re attending Partner Forum at VMworld 2019 US – join us in the Partner Lounge to catch these theater sessions:

  • Partner Connect: Overview of the New VMware Partner Program [PAR3403U]
  • Partner Connect: How to Maximize Partner Success and Profitability [PAR3403U]
  • Master Services Competencies: Unlocking the Value of Partner Services [PAR2215U]