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Partner Programs for VMware Cloud™ on AWS

By: Brandon Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Commercial and Channel Sales, VMware

Ever since we announced the strategic partnership between VMware and AWS, the level of interest by customers and partners has been amazing. Personally, in my 14 years at VMware, I have never seen this level of alignment, engagement and excitement with a partner, from the CEOs on down to the field.

Already, a broad range of customers of all sizes and across all industries including healthcare, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, oil & gas, government, education, professional services, and technology are actively using the service. Popular use cases include cloud migration, data center extension, and disaster recovery.

And we know that the partner interest is real, as evidenced by the more than 5,000 of you that have signed up to learn more about how we are bringing VMware Cloud on AWS to the channel, and the programs we are rolling out. You have been asking us how you can get involved to help your customers deploy hybrid cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS.

We’re excited to let you know we’ve expanded the VMware Partner Network program to enable our partners to take advantage of the VMware and AWS partnership.

This expansion of the VMware Partner Network enables solution providers, managed service providers (MSPs) and system integrators to grow their hybrid cloud business with a unique offering, VMware Cloud on AWS, a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that brings together VMware’s industry leading private cloud with AWS, the world’s largest public cloud provider. We’ve added a new VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency, and expanded the VMware Solution Provider and Cloud Provider programs to include VMware Cloud on AWS.

The new VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency is the latest addition to VMware’s solution competencies. Solution Competencies provide the sales and technical training partners need to be successful selling and managing VMware technology. This new VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency helps partners achieve the expertise they need help their customers with hybrid cloud solutions and services.

The VMware Solution Provider program is for partners focused on reselling and delivering consulting services. The expansion of this program includes training, financial incentives, access to VMware expertise and co- marketing for developing hybrid cloud solutions based on VMware Cloud on AWS. A new consumption rebate for VMware cloud services has been added to this program to help partners increase their profitability as they encourage their customers to use VMware’s cloud services.

The VMware Cloud Provider Program MSP model is for partners that offer managed services and consulting services. Many partners are shifting their business from resell to managed services as more customers are looking for managed services. Additionally, managed services typically offer a higher margin, helping partners be more profitable. The expansion of this program includes tools, training and expertise required to develop and deliver managed services for VMware Cloud on AWS. This program includes volume discount schedules for both new and existing VMware partners, so whether you’re a new VMware partner or an existing VMware partner, this program is designed to help you.

For additional details on our partner program announcements, please go to VMware Partner Central (log-in required for VPN partners), or visit



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  1. Obviously, it is an interesting thing to see AWS and VMware joining the hands and we as a consumer getting the next big thing way ahead of the time.

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