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Sharpen Your Marketing Skills: VMware Partner Edge

“Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success.”  – Scott Adams


As a valued partner, you are set up for success with the VMware Partner Network.  What’s more, with VMware Partner Edge, you now have the ability to acquire even greater skill sets in marketing to help you propel your business to the next level.

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Set up for Success: VPN Answers Commonly Asked Questions

“Excellence is in the details.  Give attention to the details and excellence will come”.

-Perry Paxton

The VMware Partner network prides itself on helping our partners achieve excellence.  To that end, we understand that oftentimes, small details can hamper our ability to operate efficiently.  Addressing these challenges can help our partners manage those details and achieve operational excellence.

This quarter, the most common questions the VMware Partner Network has received are the following:

Q: Code of Conduct – when does this need to be acknowledged?

A: A company’s Primary Contact must acknowledge their Code of Conduct by 11/13/17.  Review the Code of Conduct policy here.

Q: Program Renewal – how and where do I make my payment?

A: Follow these steps to complete your program renewal:

  • Login to Partner Central using the Primary Contact credentials
  • Select My Program tab
  • Click on the “click here for renewal” tab, fill out and submit the form (available every 2 years)
  • Click on the “click here for payment” tab, process and submit the payment of the fees

Q:  Where do I find training (certification and accreditation) courses?

A: Go to Partner University then utilize the step-by-step guide according to your selected option:

  • Login to Partner Central
  • Select Partner University tab, located on the tool bar
  • Click on VSP or VTSP or VCP tabs, located under “Get Started/Earn Accreditations”, to register for foundation certifications
  • For VSP or VTSP click on “subscribe”, and then on “subscribe” again
  • For VCP select the certification to achieve, and follow the steps to enroll/complete the paying trainings and book the exams

Q: How do I run a report for Solution Rewards?

A: To run a report for Solution Rewards complete the following steps:

  • Login to Partner Central
  • Select the Incentive tab, located on the tool bar
  • Click on Solution Rewards…and then on “Learn More”
  • Click on the blue tab: Partner Reward Management
  • Click on Reports, on the left of the screen
  • Run the report from the Report Title list, located under Program Reports

Q: I have a question not listed here and I am unable to find the answer on Partner Central, how do I get help?

A: Please contact partnernetwork@vmware.com and they will route your question based on topic and someone will get back to you within 1 business day.

The VMware partner network strives to provide a best in class partner experience.  We look forward to continuing to work with our valued partner ecosystem as we drive digital transformation for our customers.



Return on Intelligence: Why Solution Competencies Make Sense

VMware partners with Solution Competencies are more profitable.  That is why earning Solution Competencies makes good business sense.

VMware offers multiple Solution Competencies developed to clearly differentiate our partners’ expertise to customers and maximize the benefits of the VMware Partner Network.  Regardless of your company’s size, business model or market focus, Solution Competencies make it easier for you to distinguish and deliver virtualization and cloud computing expertise in the marketplace.  Earn credibility with customers based on your knowledge and ability with the newly released and updated Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Network Virtualization (NV) Competencies.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)*

Accelerate your bookings with the HCI Competency.  Partners who obtain this competency illustrate higher bookings frequency and profitability.

Be sure to refresh your skills in order to sell and support vSAN 6.6 deployments and note upcoming changes to Solution Rewards after 5/11/18.  Please note that VTSP-HCI will be available in French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Korean localization will be available tentatively by Nov 5, 2017 and VSP-HCI in French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean will be available by Nov 10, 2017.

Network Virtualization (NV)*

The Network Virtualization Competency provides opportunities to grow revenues and margins by extending service delivery offerings and building practices around helping customers create workflows, blueprints and catalogs, especially around third-party security integration products.

Partners who maintain their Network Virtualization competency will continue to receive quarterly rebates via Solution Rewards (where applicable) as well as access to NSX NFR Licenses.  Additionally, partners maintaining the NV competency will be eligible to renew their NSX NFR license for the newest NSX release

Be sure to refresh your skills as the content contained in the new versions of VSP-NV and VTSP-NV courses will assist you in selling and deploying NSX.  VSP-NV and VTSP-NV 2017 in Japanese and Simplified Chinese will be available on November 11, 2017  VSP-NV and VTSP-NV in French, German, Spanish and Korean will be available mid-December 2017.

Why Achieve Competencies?

VMware Solution Competencies are a proven route to revenue and profitability. Solution Competency partners have shown 2-4x greater average annual sales over non-competency partners.  Additionally, these partners get access to the following benefits:

Solution Rewards

Another great reason to by a VMware Solution Competency partner is the ability to earn quarterly back-end rebate incentives with our Competency-based Solution Rewards program – designed to accelerate partner profitability on sales of new and emerging VMware products and solutions.

Solution Enablement Toolkits (SETs)

Additionally, Solution Competency partners can drive up to 2x sales growth with access to Competency-specific Solution Enablement Toolkits (SETs). You can create customized, repeatable solutions with tools & assets from each SET.

Next Steps

So what should you do next to ensure you are taking advantage of all the robust training opportunities from VMware?

Check out all the updated VSP (sales training) and VTSP (technical training) courses available on Partner University. These courses are on demand, available 24×7 and FREE to all partners. We encourage you to visit Partner University and check your competency dashboard and create a plan to obtain and/or update your training.

For more information on how you can maximize your “return on intelligence” check out the VMware Solution Competency Guide.

*Maintain your ‘achieved’ status for Network Virtualization (NV) and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution Competencies by completing 2016 or 2017 versions of the VSP and VTSP courses. Provisional Status for these Solution Competencies begins November 4.