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Leading Customers into the Future: VMworld 2017

VMworld 2017 US has truly been a game changing event. With over 20,000 attendees in Las Vegas, VMware unveiled exciting new and expanded solutions addressing strategic IT priorities. If you were unable to attend, be sure to watch the on-demand general sessions to learn how VMware, along with our partner and customer ecosystem, is leading the charge to help organizations everywhere succeed in a multi-cloud era.

Highlights of key announcements at VMworld included:

  • The initial availability of VMware CloudTM on AWS
  • New VMware Cloud Services for end-to-end visibility into cloud usage costs, and, network
  • New VMware Cloud Provider™ services and partner offerings based on VMware Cloud Foundation™
  • Expanded VMware NSX® support of networking and security for clouds and cloud-native apps
  • New VMware Cloud Provider innovations including VMware vCloud Director® 9.0
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack 4 will be based on OpenStack Ocata and boost support for containerized applications
  • VMware vRealize Network Insight 3.5 to deliver increased monitoring and compliance capabilities for NSX
  • VMware AppDefense™ – a breakthrough solution for securing applications running on virtualized or cloud environments
  • Innovations that make VMware Workspace ONETM powered by AirWatch® the industry’s first unified end user experience, management and security solution for all endpoint platforms
  • Pivotal Container ServiceTM (PKS), enabling enterprises and service providers to deliver production-ready Kubernetes on VMware vSphere® and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with constant compatibility to Google Container Engine (GKE).

Partner Impact:

Access the Partner Launch Resource Center for detailed information about all the products launched, action for partners, and “must do” enablement.

Read the Press Releases:

Cloud Press Release

SDDC / Cloud Platform Press Release

VMware Cloud on AWS press release

Security Press Release

VMware / HP Partnership Press Release

Digital Workspace Press Release

Containers / PKS Press Release



SISO Partners: 3 Can’t Miss Sessions at Partner Exchange 

Systems Integrators and Systems Outsourcers (SISO) headed to Las Vegas next week have access to a plethora of partner breakout sessions, keynotes, and panels – so what to choose?

To assist you as you build your schedule,  here are the three SISO specific sessions you will not  want to miss.

1. Emerging Technologies with VMware and Pivotal – Presented Jointly by VMware, Pivotal, and Special Guest Speakers from Cognizant and Worldwide Technology [PAR4411PU] Sunday, Aug 27, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

 Learn about VMware’s vision for emerging technologies and how VMware is partnering with Pivotal to build and take to market state-of-the-art cloud native solutions such as Developer-Ready Infrastructure.


2. Enabling Systems Integrators & Systems Outsourcers Partner Opportunity with VMware Cloud on AWS [PAR4410BU] Sunday, Aug 27, 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

 Wondering how to leverage VMware Cloud on AWS? Chris Niederman, GM, Worldwide Strategic Alliances, AWS and David Parsons, Vice President, Global Systems Integrators & Systems Outsourcers, VMware, will discuss how partners can take advantage of the solution by focusing on customer readiness, datacenter transformation and application migration.


3. VMware & Systems Integrators & Outsourcers: Accelerating Digital Transformations through Joint Technology Leadership and Compelling GTM Partnership [PAR4408BU] Sunday, Aug 27, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

David Parsons, VMware Global SISO VP, will provide updates on SISO GTM and enablement programs, including news about VMware partnerships with AWS, IBM Cloud and Pivotal. Chris Wolf, VMware CTO, will outline technology investments and market changes creating new opportunities for SISO partners in the years ahead.


Interested in learning more about VMware’s partnerships with SISOs?

Check out VMworld sessions hosted by Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, DXC, HCL, IBM, and Wipro and add them to your schedule. See you in Vegas!

There is still time to be a part of the biggest VMware partner event of the year, so register now to attend Partner Exchange @ VMworld and follow us on Twitter @VMwarePEX to keep up with all the exciting news.


VMware partners with Systems Integrators and Systems Outsourcers (SISO) to drive growth and innovation in the enterprise, combining VMware’s next-generation technology platforms with partner global presence, deep vertical market experience and business transformation expertise. Click here to learn more.

Partner Exchange Countdown: Know Before You Go

The countdown is on to the BIGGEST VMware Partner event of the year.

In just 10 days, Partner Exchange will light up Las Vegas. Your Partner Exchange pass gives you access to the Partner Exchange General Session, Business Growth Keynotes, Technical and Sales bootcamps and more.  To ensure you make the most of this once a year opportunity, here is an overview of key activities at Partner Exchange @ VMworld, Sunday August 27.

General Session at 11:15 AM
Do not miss the Partner General Session presented by Brandon Sweeney, SVP, Worldwide Sales and Operations along with Ross Brown, Senior VP, Strategic Corporate Alliances. In addition to getting a sneak peek into VMworld updates, our key executives will deliver our vision and strategy and share the expanding ecosystem opportunity for partners across all routes to market.

Business Growth Keynotes from 1:30 – 5:00 PM
Join the all-new Business Growth Keynotes delivered by our special guest speakers and VMware executives. This content is sure to inspire with an ‘inside out’ view on current and upcoming technology shifts and trends in:

Cloud Computing [PAR4418KU] (US)
Hear from Bernard Golden, long-time tech innovator and visionary, and VMware’s Nick King, VP, Solutions Product Marketing, Cloud, discussing cloud computing and how organizations must shift to stay competitive.

Embracing Digital Transformation [PAR4417KU] (US)
Join business futurist Greg Verdino along with VMware’s Sumit Dhawan, SVP & GM End User Computing, for a forward thinking take on digital transformation and its impact as companies embrace change.

The Future of Cyber Security [PAR4419KU] (US)
Get a hacker’s take on cyber security from Keren Elazari, cyber security expert, and VMware perspective from Tom Corn, SVP, Security Products, to find out what ‘secure’ really means as people, devices and objects become more connected. 

Over 50 Partner-specific Breakout Sessions
This year’s sessions are tailored for every partner type and relevant to your business. Some hard-hitting sessions to consider attending are:

Access the content catalog  for detailed descriptions of all the Partner Exchange sessions and use the schedule builder to add them to your conference agenda.

Also be sure to participate in all the other valuable activities that Partner Exchange has to offer including:

  • Partner-Only Technical Sessions – Special access to NDA-based product roadmaps, technology futures discussions, Beta product concepts and more.
  • Partner-Only Networking Reception – 5pm-6pm August 27 at the Mandalay Bay. Use this time to reconnect with your peers and meet new ecosystem partners.
  • Partner Exchange Lounge – exclusive access all week only for Partner Exchange pass holders. Visit the lounge to book meeting space with your customers, charge your devices, refresh with coffee and snacks, and network with peers. The lounge is open:

Sunday, August 27 | 9AM– 11AM & 12:30– 5PM

Monday, August 28 | 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Tuesday, August 29 | 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday, August 30 | 9AM – 5PM

Do not forget to make time to complete your most critical VMware certifications. Partner Exchange offers a plethora of enablement opportunities with over a dozen partner bootcamps on Saturday, August 26 including:

  • VMware Sales Professional – Network Virtualization (VSP-NV)
  • VMware’s Cloud Management Platform – Eyes Across the Hybrid Cloud
  • VMware Technical Solutions Professional – Network Virtualization
  • VMware Technical Solutions Professional – Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • VMware Technical Solutions Professional – Desktop Virtualization (VTSP-DV)

There is still time to be a part of the biggest VMware partner event of the year, so register now to attend Partner Exchange @ VMworld and follow us on Twitter @VMwarePEX to keep up with all the exciting news.

Driving Extension to Public Cloud: 4 Factors

With cloud adoption predicted to continue its significant growth curve through 2021,[1] you know the question is not “if” customers will make the leap, but when, how and who will lead their journey to the cloud. Fortunately, VMware partners are uniquely positioned with innovative software and service offerings to support customers along this trajectory.

Here’s a look at four factors driving explosive growth, including points to consider when guiding your customers to, through and beyond, their cloud transformations:

1. Business Agility and Flexibility Drive Cloud Adoption and Modernization

Business agility is an organization’s “ability to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.”[2] Today, agility equals faster time-to-market via reduced IT complexity, quicker deployments, pay-as-you-go pricing, and scalability; all of which map to private and public cloud adoption. In fact, 41% of companies embracing cloud computing say that agility is their primary business driver. [3]

What’s more, many customers are looking to hybrid cloud capabilities with a mix of on and off-premises resources to achieve business agility and flexibility. But still, most of their data centers aren’t adequately modernized to extend to the public cloud. This is where partners can step in and support modernization through implementation of fully virtualized, automated, software-defined data centers (SDDC).

2. Cloud Drives a Shifting Economic Model

The public cloud has long promised cost savings and a shifting economic model; however, there are compelling arguments for both the private and public cloud. In a recent Accenture report, organizations saved upwards of $28M after migrating 70% of their application portfolio to the public cloud.[4] While it seems this staggering metric paints a compelling picture; 41% of IT decision-makers say that private cloud can be less expensive than public cloud for some businesses. Legacy applications, privacy and security regulations, and SLAs play a part in cost savings as well as viability, and there are several other aspects to explore when choosing private, public or hybrid cloud.

Regardless, help your customer make smart decisions by considering these cost saving factors that result from extending to the public cloud:

  • Reduced Data Center costs: With increased storage and server density, organizations can lower costs associated with physically housing servers. Add to this, cloud service providers charge less for electrical and cooling as compared to in-house data center maintenance fees.
  • Increased Personnel Efficiency: On-premises technologies managed by IT resources are one of the largest operating expenses. As workloads move to the cloud, customers can utilize IT staff in more strategic areas in their businesses.
  • Shifting CapEx costs: Upfront investments (CapEx) for servers is eliminated and shifted to IT OpEx, which helps maintain a lean balance sheet and may be more palatable for smaller businesses.
  • Lower Downtime costs: Cloud Service Providers monitor and maintain availability, which results in fewer business interruptions for customers.

3. Cloud Computing = Predictable Revenue + New Revenue Streams

As we already know, customers and VMware partners alike can reap the benefits of cloud computing through subscription pricing models. But beyond the predictable, steady earnings that these services deliver, partners can create new revenue streams that develop as an offshoot of extending to the public cloud, such as:

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • On-going support
  • Auditing
  • Analytics and continuous improvement
  • VM provisioning and decommissioning
  • Backup and recovery

What’s more, continuous revenue is a direct result of sustaining customer relationships. Guiding migration strategies that align customer goals with yours sets customers on a course to success. Likewise, working with your customers to leverage their existing investment in technologies, people and skill sets adds value to your relationships.

4. Customer Experience is King

Customer Experience (CX) is “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.”[5] In cloud computing, CX plays a central role due to a larger emphasis on services and also fierce competition.

You might be surprised to find that CX is a hidden opportunity for channel partners to set themselves apart from the competition. As you focus on a customer-centric approach, you will build long-term relationships and grow your reputation as a trusted advisor.

Of course, great CX begins with creating a strategy for the future and it’s impossible to improve if you don’t know where you stand. To get started with measuring the health of your brand, utilize Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a powerful tool for gauging loyalty and relationships.

What’s Next?

Be sure to participate at this year’s Partner Exchange to learn more on how you can help your customers transition to the cloud, while solidifying your role as a trusted advisor.



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Driving Security Transformation: the Virtual Network Assessment

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu

As a trusted partner, helping our customers to modernize their IT security infrastructure can feel like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. Most traditional IT security architectures are ill equipped to handle the persistent and creative nature of today’s cyber security threats. The dynamic and very public nature of these threats have created a booming industry of new entrants into the security market. The result has been an expansion of opportunity for security-minded partners, but also a challenge in determining how to lead customers down a trusted path for security solutions. Some estimates have customers using an average of 70 or more security solutions in their current IT environments. At the same time, there is a growing need for a transformation in how we build, manage, and secure IT infrastructure. Traditional perimeter-based security models are ineffective, as proven by a steady stream of newsworthy hacks and data breaches.

In this expanding and complex cybersecurity landscape, where do we start? It can be overwhelming to keep up with the rapid pace of change in cybersecurity threats, and even more so in staying educated about the innovative solutions available to protect our customers. As Lao Tzu noted its starts with a single step. At VMware, we believe the first step is gaining visibility to the current state of traffic moving across our customers’ virtual and physical infrastructure. Today, an average of 80% of security budgets are spent on data center perimeter security and monitoring tools such as firewalls. At the same time, 80% of network traffic actually takes place within the four walls of our customers’ data centers. Fundamentally, this means our customers have visibility to 20% of what is taking place in their network at a given time. Before suggesting point products to patch against the latest threat, let us take time to gain visibility into our customers’ networks, and make informed architectural recommendations.

Enter the Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) with VMware. A VNA utilizing a VMware tool called vRealize Network Insight helps our partners to provide their customers a holistic view of the traffic in their data center across the virtual and physical domains. Help your customers define how much traffic exists between VM’s, applications, VLANs, and VXLANs. Identify threat planes across physical networks, virtual domains, cloud, and mobile environments. Ultimately, a VNA will provide the intelligence and visibility necessary to map an executable journey to a more secure IT infrastructure. A VNA takes about one week, and installs remotely in under an hour.

The thousand-mile journey of transforming IT security architectures to combat the ever-expanding nature of cyber security threats can be daunting.  Whether considering a mobile security strategy, securing next-generation cloud applications, or a micro-segmentation project, let VMware help you and your customers with a simple first step. Check out the Partner Virtual Network Assessment today and do not miss exciting sessions at Partner Exchange in Las Vegas including:

Also make sure to stop by the SDDC Assessment Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel to learn how VMware assessments can help you win more business. The lounge is located in the Desert Willow Room on Sunday, August 27, 1PM – 5PM, and Monday and Tuesday, August 28 and 29, 11AM – 5PM.