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“Leaders don’t force people to follow; they invite them on a journey”.  Charles S. Lauer

As the quote above alludes to, a journey of any kind aspires to bring about transformation.  Think about the journeys in which you have been a part.  Do they evolve?  Yes.  Do they require time and resources?  Yes.   Are they typically worth it?  Yes.

As a VMware Partner, you have the ability to accelerate the digital transformation journey and achieve successful outcomes for your customers.

Penton Media recently sat down with Chris Wolf, CTO Global Field and Industry at VMware, to talk about the digital transformation journey.  Watch the FastChat below as they expand on questions such as:

  • What strategic IT priorities relative to digital transformation should partners be addressing for their customers?
  • How does VMware collaborate with partners to accelerate digital transformation for customers?
  • How can partners find out more?

Chris discusses how partners are empowered to lead their customers on the digital transformation journey and how this presents a host of opportunities for partner success.

Be sure to watch the FastChat and get ready to lead your customers on their digital transformation journey.