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VMware Honors Partner Innovation Award Winners

This week VMware hosted its second Partner Leadership Summit in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  The invite-only event was an opportunity for c-level executives from our top partners to join our corporate leaders and dive deep on VMware strategy to understand how we will drive our mutual success in 2017 and beyond.

A highlight of the Leadership Summit was the announcement of the annual Partner Innovation Awards.  During award ceremonies, VMware recognized both regional and global excellence across routes to market, functional areas, focus solutions as well as strategic IT priorities and other key categories.  For a complete list of our Partner Innovation Award winners and categories please read today’s press release.

Congratulations again to our 2016 award-winning partners on this tremendous achievement. VMware leaders were delighted to honor your outstanding performance and dedication.  We look forward to celebrating our next partner innovation award winners in 2018 as we continue to work in lock step with our channel for ongoing success.

VMware Introduces Pulse IoT Center

Graphic for Pulse IoT Center

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming traditional business models and operational processes. IoT is giving organizations the ability to use sensors and smart devices to gather new types of data about the physical world that has never been available before. Whether the thing is a wind turbine, truck, building, car or manufacturing robot, the data these things generate is now used to unlock new opportunities and insights.

IoT Adoption – Customer Challenges

As enterprises begin to embrace and invest in IoT to realize its benefits, they are running into significant challenges.  They need a simpler way to keep track, visualize, monitor and secure the hundreds and thousands of edge systems and various types of connected devices that are unmanned and located anywhere.

Enterprise organizations are also struggling to manage IoT operations across their fragmented ecosystems, prioritize the data from things to platforms, and deploy strategies with speed and efficiency. Simultaneously, these IT and OT departments are not necessarily communicating well or working together on strategies even though they both need to implement and scale IoT use cases quickly and cost effectively.

 IoT Solutions – A Fresh Approach

VMware is taking a fresh approach to IoT solutions with the latest launch of VMware Pulse IoT Center.  Providing a secure, enterprise grade, end to end infrastructure management solution, VMware Pulse IoT enables OT and IT to manage, monitor and secure all IoT ‘things’ from the edge to the cloud.

VMware Pulse IoT Center leverages VMware’s core expertise in device management, infrastructure analytics, security, and cloud management to enable organizations to reduce IoT complexity; increase the reliability and security of their IoT infrastructure, and get to ROI faster. It addresses the complex needs of IoT for both IT and OT teams and helps enterprises take control of their IoT by managing broader, operating smarter and more securely, and innovating faster.

One VMware Ecosystem for the Internet of Things

To implement an Internet of Things solution today customers often need to cobble together offerings from various vendors, with few standards and little guidance. They have to make decisions on sensors, edge systems, data analytics and storage solutions, network connectivity, application development and more.

To simplify matters and help customers address complex IoT use cases across multiple industries, VMware is forging IoT-related alliances with:

  • Server OEMs/Edge Systems
  • Embedded OEMs
  • Systems Integrators
  • Business Applications and Analytics
  • IoT Platform Vendors

These alliances endeavor to bridge the gap between the IT and OT worlds and deploy an end to-end IoT solution from the device to datacenter: At this time, VMware Partners are encouraged to get more information about our IoT solutions via the VMware IoT solutions website. Additional video resources include:


Digital Transformation: A Journey Partners Can Lead

LEADING manager-2057218_1920

“Leaders don’t force people to follow; they invite them on a journey”.  Charles S. Lauer

As the quote above alludes to, a journey of any kind aspires to bring about transformation.  Think about the journeys in which you have been a part.  Do they evolve?  Yes.  Do they require time and resources?  Yes.   Are they typically worth it?  Yes.

As a VMware Partner, you have the ability to accelerate the digital transformation journey and achieve successful outcomes for your customers.

Penton Media recently sat down with Chris Wolf, CTO Global Field and Industry at VMware, to talk about the digital transformation journey.  Watch the FastChat below as they expand on questions such as:

  • What strategic IT priorities relative to digital transformation should partners be addressing for their customers?
  • How does VMware collaborate with partners to accelerate digital transformation for customers?
  • How can partners find out more?

Chris discusses how partners are empowered to lead their customers on the digital transformation journey and how this presents a host of opportunities for partner success.

Be sure to watch the FastChat and get ready to lead your customers on their digital transformation journey.