Maintain a Competitive Edge in 2017


Last year we released a Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide designed to help partners easily spot customer opportunities and jump start conversations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and spurred us to add updated information for 2017.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  1. The Cross-Cloud Architecture Story: Cross-cloud is essential for digital transformation. The Guide simplifies the story, making it easier for partners to develop roadmaps built on VMware’s product stack that drive positive outcomes no matter the customers’ starting point.
  2. Conversation Starters at Every Level: The Guide provides a framework including strategic benefit statements aligned to solutions that positions you well in transformation conversations for the C-suite as well as more technically at the product level for IT departments.
  3. Connect With Outcomes: The Guide helps you tell higher-level stories in ways that connect solutions to outcomes and growth, alongside building trust that deepens your relationships with customers and prospects.

We understand that the VMware portfolio and cross-cloud architecture solutions are like a puzzle; if you aren’t sure what the outcome looks like, it’s difficult to effectively place the pieces. That’s why customers rely on partners to guide them and it’s why our updated Competitive Guide is partner-friendly, visually compelling, and easy to navigate while delivering all the pieces necessary to tell a complete story.

In addition to highlights above, the updated VMware Competitive Guide also includes:

  • Keyword Glossary: helps quickly identify a VMware solution based on customer needs
  • Product Talk Tracks: makes it easy to position cross-cloud solutions
  • Categorized Information: groups critical information in one location by solution including;
    • value prop
    • key and strategic benefits
    • helpful links
    • primary competitors
    • competitive differentiators

Our updated Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide is designed with customer discussions in mind so that in a meeting, it’s easier for you to quickly recognize opportunities and deliver on customer expectations.

Note: If you haven’t shown this to your sales and inside sales teams, this is the asset to get them started but it’s not a prerequisite. In fact, there are no prerequisites to using the VMware Competitive Guide. Even if your sales teams are in the process of obtaining VMware accreditations and certifications, they can still utilize it.

Maintain your competitive edge; visit Partner Central and DOWNLOAD THE COMPETITIVE GUIDE today.


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