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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Maintain a Competitive Edge in 2017


Last year we released a Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide designed to help partners easily spot customer opportunities and jump start conversations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and spurred us to add updated information for 2017.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  1. The Cross-Cloud Architecture Story: Cross-cloud is essential for digital transformation. The Guide simplifies the story, making it easier for partners to develop roadmaps built on VMware’s product stack that drive positive outcomes no matter the customers’ starting point.
  2. Conversation Starters at Every Level: The Guide provides a framework including strategic benefit statements aligned to solutions that positions you well in transformation conversations for the C-suite as well as more technically at the product level for IT departments.
  3. Connect With Outcomes: The Guide helps you tell higher-level stories in ways that connect solutions to outcomes and growth, alongside building trust that deepens your relationships with customers and prospects.

We understand that the VMware portfolio and cross-cloud architecture solutions are like a puzzle; if you aren’t sure what the outcome looks like, it’s difficult to effectively place the pieces. That’s why customers rely on partners to guide them and it’s why our updated Competitive Guide is partner-friendly, visually compelling, and easy to navigate while delivering all the pieces necessary to tell a complete story.

In addition to highlights above, the updated VMware Competitive Guide also includes:

  • Keyword Glossary: helps quickly identify a VMware solution based on customer needs
  • Product Talk Tracks: makes it easy to position cross-cloud solutions
  • Categorized Information: groups critical information in one location by solution including;
    • value prop
    • key and strategic benefits
    • helpful links
    • primary competitors
    • competitive differentiators

Our updated Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide is designed with customer discussions in mind so that in a meeting, it’s easier for you to quickly recognize opportunities and deliver on customer expectations.

Note: If you haven’t shown this to your sales and inside sales teams, this is the asset to get them started but it’s not a prerequisite. In fact, there are no prerequisites to using the VMware Competitive Guide. Even if your sales teams are in the process of obtaining VMware accreditations and certifications, they can still utilize it.

Maintain your competitive edge; visit Partner Central and DOWNLOAD THE COMPETITIVE GUIDE today.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with EUC Insights

EUC insights banner 2017

Join us over the next three weeks as we bring global partners, prospects and customers together for EUC Insights, a free virtual event where upgrades and additions to our Horizon platform will be fully unveiled. Partners are encouraged to attend alongside their prospects and customers to learn about and test Horizon 7, Horizon Apps, and Horizon Cloud.

Why Attend?

Your customers and prospects are juggling IT priorities now more than ever and for many it is overwhelming. They need to increase efficiency and meet user demands, and find the right solutions at the right price. They look to VMware partners as trusted advisers and resources for best practices on IT budget allocations, competitive differentiation, resource requirements, and more.

When customers have opportunities to try before they buy, trust is built, use cases are proven, and sales cycles shortened. EUC Insights is the perfect opportunity to arm your customers with key information to help them make informed decisions, faster. These events help you answer questions and show tangible improvement in user experiences with Horizon solutions and position partners as integral to the conversation.

What EUC Insights Provides.

EUC Insights enables you to showcase new and upgraded solutions both free and virtually. The format is robust – complete with a keynote, virtual expo, hands-on learning and breakouts. At EUC Insights, partners and customers will:

  • Receive an in-depth look at the latest EUC offerings including Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (BEAT), Skype for Business and Just-in-time-Apps.
  • Participate with VMware EUC experts in discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Try before they buy at virtual Hands-on-Labs for AirWatch, App Development and Management, Virtual Desktop and Apps and WorkspaceONE
  • Attend breakout sessions on topics such as:
    • Application and Desktop Virtualizations
    • Application and Access Management
    • Endpoint Security
    • Unified Endpoint Management
    • Modernizing Windows10 Management

Register Now.

Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce your customers and prospects to the latest EUC insights, tools and solutions. Invite them to attend the EUC Insights event for their region:

AMER – Feb 15, 2017 Register

APJ – Mar 2, 2017 Register

EMEA –Mar 7, 2017 Register

Additional Resources:

Horizon Cloud and Horizon Apps blogs.

Visit Partner Central product pages to learn about, market, and sell these new solutions. Resources include vmLIVE sessions, quarterly launch briefing videos, sales tools and more:

Horizon Cloud

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2017 Partner Survey: We Want to Hear From You

Partner Survey banner[1]

Together, VMware and our partners are influencing digital transformation efforts, globally and across all sectors. Thanks in large part to the feedback from our partner community; we all continue to act as trusted advisers driving strategy and positively impacting customer revenue and growth outcomes.

We are eager to hear from you—our valued partners.

The powerful partnerships we cultivate with top-notch IT solution providers, systems integrators, value added resellers and other partners is critical to our joint success.  Watch here to see why your voice is so important in helping us provide best-in-class partner programs that support your success.

 Respond today

The Partner Survey is now open through February 24, 2017.  Look for your personalized email from Ross Brown, SVP, Worldwide Partners and Alliances, sent between February 3- 7, and take a few minutes to let us what we are doing right and what we can improve in the future.  If you cannot locate the email, click here.

 What have we done with your previous feedback?

We value your opinion and leverage your feedback to make business decisions that focus on initiatives such as:

  • Amplifying partner incentives
  • Sales acceleration tools
  • Product specific demand generation campaigns
  • Partner resources and marketing automation
  • Sales and field support teams
  • Partnerships with public cloud providers and other vendors

Check out some of the improvements we made based on the feedback we received last year.

We highly value the information you provide as we look toward the future to:

  • Prioritize and support change initiatives
  • Grow our solution offerings
  • Improve your partner experience
  • Remain connected with you, our Partners

Thank you for your participation in the Partner Survey.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continued mutual success in 2017 and beyond.

Security and BYOD: The Partner Approach


The cost of enterprise data security breaches has skyrocketed. Truly, the numbers are numbing; and research shows a continued and steady increase of 12 – 15% from $4M to $1T by 2021. Imagine what the current $158 per stolen record average cost will be in five years if organizations do not implement and keep up with security strategy.

Security needs are driven by digital transformation, which is in large part driven by consumers. We want instant access to information on our devices to increase productivity across work and personal lives simultaneously, yet nobody wants to carry two phones or hand over access to their personal devices to employers. In other words, BYOD is fast moving from perk to necessity, and part of attracting talent is tied to BYOD policies.

It has been said that there are “two types of companies in America; the 97% that have been hacked and the 3% that have likely been hacked but don’t know it”. Looking at data from PwC research makes it clear; employees remain the most cited source of compromise.

Security questions VMware partners are helping customers answer include:

  • How do we keep our enterprise network secure without making our BYOD policies too invasive?
  • Can we ensure users do not access data from compromised devices and networks?
  • How much access do mobile users have to critical internal resources?
  • Do we have the right technologies in place that would prevent breaches from mobile users?
  • In the event of a breach, how do we minimize damage to our business and customers?
  • How much should we budget to address our security needs?

 Enterprise security conversations present opportunity for partners.

BYOD is one aspect of security concerns for organizations and can be addressed with new advancements in biometric authentication like facial recognition now available in WorkSpace ONE. AirWatch also contributes significantly to security initiatives with app lockdown and other capabilities. Tight integrations with other mission critical business apps ensures users can complete entire workflows on mobile, solving for mobile micro-moments and driving digital transformation.

Additionally, there are security topics like infrastructure and compliance that our partners are addressing. For example, the way NSX protects resources via micro-segmentation and helps implement compliance and privacy standards across an organization.

 Security and BYOD are not going anywhere.

Often, it’s the sense of being overwhelmed that delays many organizations from adequately addressing these important issues. They are not sure where to begin, what a protected environment looks like, how to develop and align strategy and which solutions will scale with their growth. Utilizing demo tools like TestDrive where customers login to experience the possibilities before making a purchase plus demand generation campaigns available in the partner demand center are some of the ways we support partners to become trusted advisors and accelerate adoption of security solutions for customers.

For more information about BYOD security solutions, visit Partner Central.