2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards: Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Your Organization


As we move towards the end of the year, it’s time to take a moment and look back at all your achievements in 2016.  Think about how much you have accomplished this year and how that has strengthened your partnership with VMware.

To encourage you to give yourself the pat on the back you deserve, we give you the top 10 reasons to nominate your organization for a 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award today

10. Get recognized for outstanding performance in the VMware Partner eco-system

9.  Your organization could be a winner in one of 19 categories and enjoy great press throughout 2017 (winners receive a press release template) – a feather in your marketing hat

8,  It’s easier than winning an Oscar. Or having another son and naming him Oscar.

7.  Winners are honored at the 2017 Partner Leadership Summit.

6.  Because procrastination is like a credit card. Fun until you get the bill.

5.  Winners receive use of the exclusive 2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards logo for a whole       year.

4.  Winners get promoted at VMworld in 2017 and receive a pass to Partner Exchange.

3.  Get noticed at parties when you walk around with your fancy award.

2.  Your chances of winning are MUCH higher than Powerball.

1. And the NUMBER ONE reason to nominate your organization for a Global Partner Innovation Award is of course, BRAGGING RIGHTS!  Illustrate to your customers that you are recognized by VMware for outstanding performance and WIN MORE BUSINESS.

Watch as our Channel and Marketing executives personally invite partners to submit their nominations for the 2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards and get started today.




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