New Horizons – What Cross-Cloud Means for VMware Partners

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Fresh on the heels of this week’s announcements at VMworld Europe 2016  around VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation platform, we asked VMware EMEA experts to tell us about opportunities now available for partners.

 Why do partners need to be aware of the Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation announcements?

Taking the Cross-Cloud Architecture announcement first, it is an extension of VMware’s current cloud strategy, which has always been to give customers the tools they need to manage workloads securely across cloud platforms. What this means is that no matter what the cloud platform (public, private or hybrid) or device, customers can run, manage, connect, and secure their applications in a common operating environment.

Central to this vision is the Cloud Foundation, Te Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform for Private and Public Cloud. The SDDC platform provides the foundation for the Cross-Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Foundation takes the SDDC one step further by making the full SDDC stack easier to implement, deploy and manage on standardized platforms. Ultimately, we are providing all the solutions that IT needs to maintain control yet give the business freedom to innovate using all the clouds and apps available to them.

What opportunities will these announcements offer the VMware partner community?

Cloud is already bringing great opportunities for our partners across EMEA, and with the Cross-Cloud Architecture we are bringing more choice for customers. For our solution provider partners, there are opportunities to help customers integrate platforms built on the Cloud Foundation principles into their own private clouds. While this is something that is already happening through the SDDC, Cloud Foundation will make it even easier for partners to help customers take advantage of hybrid and public cloud environments.

For our vCloud Air Network service provider partners, they’ll have the chance to build these architectures into their own data centers. When Cloud Foundation is combined with Cross-Cloud Architecture, our service provider partners will enable their customers to seamlessly move workloads across any cloud environment, including other public clouds. By combining the two platforms, our partners become more strategic for their customers, providing whatever their cloud needs may be to drive their business success.

Our service provider partners have always been behind our approach to networking with our network virtualization solution NSX, and have evolved to take advantage of the additional flexibility and agility that it gives them.

We’ve now provided our service provider partners the opportunity to extend their own data centers out to public cloud providers and customers’ private clouds. Once they have that extended network, then Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation are the key parts for managing a seamless view across all these areas.

What can partners be doing now to help customers make the most of the Cross-Cloud Architecture approach?

 Underpinning the Cross-Cloud Architecture are a number of VMware solutions, and NSX is at the core of this. By virtualizing the network with NSX, it smooths the transfer of workloads from one environment to another, and paves the way for unlocking the full potential of the SDDC. NSX provides inherent security so when an application moves – security moves with it – across any cloud.

At the moment we’re heavily investing in all VMware partners driving NSX enablement to help sharpen their skills so they can make the most of this opportunity. As a result, we’re seeing broad adoption of NSX, and it is our partners that are driving this adoption.

Adoption of SDDC by our vCloud Air Network service provider partners continues to accelerate given the success our partners have with core products like vSphere. The rapid adoption of the other elements of SDDC such as NSX and vSAN, means these partners are starting to deliver on the Software-Defined Data Center vision, paving the way for where we see things going with the Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Where can partners get access to all the VMworld Europe announcements around Cross-Cloud Architecture and how it can help customers on their journey to the SDDC?

Watch the VMworld Europe General Session playback and visit the Launch Resource Center for details on all the latest product launches to  get prepared to accelerate sales.  Last but not least, stay tuned for VMworld Europe Highlights coming up on October 24th.


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