VMware TestDrive: Anytime, Anywhere EUC Demos

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With more mobile users demanding anytime, anywhere access, it’s not surprising that 77% of organizations are upgrading infrastructure to support a mobile business model. As a solution provider, it can be tempting to help guide customers on their End User Computing journey by enrolling them in a VMware Digital Workspace solution pilot straight away. However, focusing on proof of concept (POC) first, will ensure your customers have the right environment for their needs.

VMware partners are now able to do just that, thanks to TestDrive, VMware’s fully-featured, integrated, and globally available demonstration environment for our portfolio of End User Computing solutions. Enabling the demonstration of fully functional VMware Workspace ONE, Horizon, and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management implementations, TestDrive is the ideal way to show customers exactly how the adoption of VMware Digital Workspace strategies and solutions improve their specific security, management, usability, and flexibility needs.

TestDrive enables digital workspace success and accelerates selling motion by:

  1. Providing a self-service, friction-less platform

This cloud-hosted environment is prefigured for a simplified demo experience. With the complete VMware EUC portfolio at your fingertips, you are in the driver’s seat; the password-protected online portal is controlled by you. Guide your customer through the latest VMware Digital Workspace technology or assign time-limited access directly to individual customers and prospects so they can try it out for themselves.

  1. Eliminating the cost and hassle of building your own environment

Showing prospects what VMware Digital Workspace technologies look like is far more effective than presenting another PowerPoint. However, building your own in-house demo capability can be challenging. With TestDrive, receive free-of-charge access to a fully-maintained VMware-hosted demo environment without worrying about infrastructure and support requirements.

  1. Offering customers convenience

In today’s ever-evolving digital workplace, it only makes sense to provide End User Computing customers with anytime, anywhere access to their demo. That way, no matter where they are, TestDrive conveniently shows VMware’s portfolio in action, virtually and realistically, which means your customers get to experience the environment without leaving their desks.  

  1. Establishing and maintaining trust with customers

Instead of rushing into pilot mode, conducting a POC through TestDrive allows you to guide your customer to a successful project by performing actual customer data and procedures. This customized approach assures management that the solution has manageable risk and high ROI for their specific EUC needs. Providing this insight to customers before they’ve committed to a project elevates your trusted advisor status and propels them to the next step: successful deployment.

Accelerate your selling motion and gain free access to TestDrive by getting your VTSP – Mobility 2017 accreditation today.


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  1. Hi, I’m a VMware Partner in the Middle East. I’m having a few issues when setting up a Test Drive Account for my customer. Please note them below:
    * When the customer launches WS1 Portal, he sees Office 365 Apps e.g. Word, Excel, Access etc. But these aren’t licensed. They prompt him to sign in and prompt to activate the product. I feel apps should be removed as it doesn’t makes a big difference for him when he already has Office 365 apps on his desktop / laptop. The only way he sees vIDM in action is when he launches Office 365 Online and accesses the online flavor of these apps.

    * He despite of enabling Sales Force, cannot see the Sales Force App in the catalog

    * When launching Win 10 desktops he accidentally enabled the shares, so now he can see his drive in the entitled VMs which was a big turn OFF for him. I helped him in turning this setting OFF in the Horizon for Windows Client

    * After opening the Office 365 desktop apps (which arent working, see above comment). He now sees that whenever he opens excel, word etc. files from him laptop, they ask “Open in Excel 2016 or Amer Excel”. If he accidentally selects Amer’s Excel, the file opens but he starts getting the same errors e.g. active product, and sign in.

    * Plus he has a team which are just simple Sales and no technical background. Who just want to an app catalog in WS1 and access Sales Force. I feel enabling a complete Test Drive Account for them is an overkill. How can it user friendly to people who aren’t system admins etc.

    For now these are the showstoppers for him. Will keep you posted if I find anything else.

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