Dispelling Partner Journey Myths: How to Move from Professional to Enterprise

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As VMware continuously transforms offerings to extend customer success, we want our partners to grow with us. So, if you’re a VMware Professional Partner reading this, we’re happy to say you’re one step closer to multiplying your deal size. You might be asking yourself, “Is that for real?” The answer: yes. An average 4x increase in deal size is what VMware Enterprise Partners typically experience.

If it sounds difficult, you’re not alone in your thinking. However,  up-leveling your partnership is not as challenging as you might think. Let’s bust the three most common myths our VMware Professional Partners overcome in driving business growth, increasing deal size, and moving from Professional to Enterprise level:

Myth 1: Revenue Attainment Goals Are Too High

In many partner programs, a minimum revenue requirement is standard.  So, it’s easy to see where this myth came from. With VMware, there is zero (0$) revenue attainment to move from Professional to Enterprise partner. In other words, you can still unlock Enterprise benefits regardless of how much you sell.

Myth 2: It’s Better to Wait on Program Fee Payment

The annual program fee remains a showstopper for some Professional partners who aren’t ready to start the clock ticking on their membership. It makes sense on paper but consider this: aside from the average deal size increase, partners realize many other benefits when moving from Professional to Enterprise level. Here are a few examples:

Myth 3: Competencies are too Time Consuming

Part of our commitment to keeping partners up-to-date on solutions without demanding too much time is to put training where you need it, when you want it. Many of you are closer than you think to gaining the competencies you need to qualify. Our resources, trainings, and tests are a few mouse-clicks away.

Visit Partner University for more information on:

  • VSP – VMware Sales Professional – online
  • VTSP – VMware Technical Sales Professional – online
  • VCP – VMware Certified Professional – many trainings available on your schedule, online and on-demand with some classes requiring in- person attendance.

Next Steps:

Achieving anything worthwhile is not without effort. That’s why, when it comes to your journey as a VMware partner and your passion to grow, we’re here to help!  Find out how close you already are to qualifying as a VMware Enterprise partner. Confirm your organization has:

  1. Fully met training requirements. Visit My Programs on Partner Central and confirm completion of VTSP, VSP, or VCP.
  2. Earned sufficient solution competencies. Visit the Partner University Competency page and review requirements.
  3. Paid the annual Partner Program. Visit My Programs.
  4. Completed the VMware Ethics and Compliance training. Visit My Programs/ Compliance Accreditation to verify.

Questions?  Contact your Preferred Distributor, VMware Partner Business Manager or the Partner Support Center.


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