Amplified Incentives: How VMware Invests in Partners

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“Never stop investing, never stop improving, never stop doing something new.”

In the words of Bob Parsons, American entrepreneur and philanthropist, investing and improving should be a constant in all that we do.

At VMware, we feel the same and as such have evolved from a single product company to one with a diverse portfolio of robust solutions.  This evolution is part of our ongoing commitment to never stop improving.  As part of that effort we are committed to continually improve our partner programs and invest in the success of our partners.  To that end, we are pleased to announce Advantage+ enhancements that will go into effect August 1.

VMware transformational solutions offer immense partner opportunity; therefore, we are aligning incentives to drive business for our advanced products. Partners making this shift with us will now be clearly and transparently rewarded through enhancements to Advantage+.

Partners who drive demand for our more advanced solutions gain the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% in increased up front margins
  • Greater predictability through auto-validation on deal registrations; giving partners the ability to input deals earlier in the process instead of waiting for field approval – a huge boost to sales acceleration.

As part of the increased partner investment we are making through the Advantage+ program, we are adjusting the Solution Provider program renewal and progression fees, also effective August 1, 2016. For complete details on the updated Solution Provider program renewal and progression fees, please visit Partner Central.  (Note: All partners have the ability to renew up to 45 days following their renewal date. If you renew on or after August 1, you will be renewing at the newly adjusted amount).

For more details on how Advantage+ amplifies partner incentives watch the FastChat below with Ross Brown, Senior VP of Worldwide Partners and Alliances as he answers specific questions about the program enhancements.

Also be sure to review the incentives page on Partner Central to learn more about investing in your success.


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