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Drive Customer Impact with Sales Readiness Tools


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Winston Churchill once said “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught”.  The same can be true for many of us not because we are indifferent or obstinate but simply because we have SO much to juggle in our professional and personal lives.

While we know that staying up to date with current solutions training is the lifeblood of a partner sales organization, it is challenging to make time to do it while chasing quotas.

The VMware Global Field and Partner Readiness Team understands the struggle and is now providing Sales Readiness Briefcases to help Partners drive customer impact more efficiently than ever.

Sales Readiness Briefcases replace mToolbooks and provide:

  • Improved image and text quality
  • Keyword search functionality
  • Screen display customization options
  • The ability to increase partner productivity through value-driven C-level conversations
  • Up-to-date streamline content, relevant to partners

Sale Readiness Briefcases now available are:

  • vRealize Application and Infrastructure Delivery Automation
  • vRealize Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations –
  • AirWatch
  • HCS and Virtual SAN
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • vSphere and vSOM

Additional Sales Readiness Briefcases for partners will become available between now and Q3.  Topics include:

  • Business Critical Applications (BCA)
  • Compliance Solutions (for Regulated Environments)
  • Digital Workspace (formerly Business Mobility)
  • EUC Desktop (Horizon)

Start driving increased customer impact – download Sales Readiness Briefcases today!

Leveraging Virtual SAN and VMware Investments in the Transformative HCI Market

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Today’s over provisioned legacy infrastructure environments waste resources and are typically comprised of multiple hardware and software products from different vendors each with diverse management interfaces and training requirements. These infrastructure challenges are driving companies to improve management of their storage environments and many are migrating to hybrid storage models in order to:

  • Leverage cost and operational efficiencies
  • Simplify the user experience
  • Improve power and performance

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) represents the next logical step in the evolution of infrastructure convergence. It delivers simplification and savings by consolidating all required functionality into a single shared resource pool and accelerates deployment of virtualized workloads by reducing complexity, improving operational efficiency, and lowering costs. All of which make up the primary reasons companies are transitioning.

Prepare Now for the Hyper-converged Infrastructure Wave

Hyper-converged Integrated Systems will be mainstream in five years. Estimated to reach almost $2 billion in 2016, HCI is predicted to be the fastest-growing segment of the integrated systems overall market by more than doubling to almost $5 billion by 2019. In preparation, analysts are advising organizations to ready themselves for this third wave of integrated systems, As Andrew Butler, Gartner analyst explained it, “HCI is not a destination, but an evolutionary journey.”

This HCI journey is accelerating for the same reasons Virtual SAN is so successful; hyper-converged infrastructure systems reduce IT costs and management while achieving breakthrough performance. Partners can rely on VMware, a leader in hyper-converged software with vSphere, Virtual SAN and vCenter Server, to continue the growing trend; first in customer adoption, then in units deployed and revenue growth.

VMware Partners Uniquely Positioned to Leverage the HCI Trend

VMware partners can reap the benefits of the transformative HCI market by helping customers understand how the solution eliminates today’s wasteful compute, storage and networking hardware silos, and how VMware products fit seamlessly into the modern infrastructure. At the end of 2015, we had already witnessed tremendous growth for Virtual SAN, which is core to our VMware Hyper-Converged Software strategy:

  • 3,000 customers, adding ~500 per quarter
  • 20,000 units / CPU in Q4 alone
  • ~200% YoY revenue growth in Q4

As seasoned VMware partners with extensive knowledge of your customers’ existing VMware assets, you are regarded as expert advisors to help them transition to a hyper-converged infrastructure. With VMware’s expanding portfolio supporting this new paradigm, you can add even more value to build upon vSphere environments.

Engaging to deliver an HCI strategy does several things:

  • Creates exciting opportunities to sell into new markets
  • Delivers flexibility, configurability, and simplicity for customers that reduce their TCO
  • Provides a way to upsell or cross-sell VMware software-defined data center offerings

Leverage Existing VMware Investments Throughout HCI Transitions

Customers want to remove complexity from storage and VMware partners have the power to solve the simplicity puzzle by leveraging the customer’s existing VMware investments in hardware, software, licenses and support.

As hyper-converged infrastructures proliferate the market, VMware partners preparing now to participate in the HCI journey will benefit greatly. These prepared partners will leverage their experience with VMware to help extend and protect their customers’ investments as they transition to HCI with VMware Virtual SAN.

VMware Hyper-Converged Software is positioned for ongoing leadership and enables partners to achieve similar success in the transformative HCI market. Here’s how you can get started:

Spotting Customer Opportunities Just Got Easier

Sol Portfolio guide-title_page

You’ve heard it before: perception is reality.  And so it goes with our customers.  Their perception of what we do, the products and solutions we provide, is indeed their reality.  Transforming those perceptions starts with two things – KNOWLEDGE AND PREPARATION.

To that end, VMware is excited to provide partners with a comprehensive new asset to address knowledge gaps that exist around the VMware portfolio.  The Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide was designed to help partners easily spot customer opportunities and jump start the conversation.

The broadening of the VMware portfolio can make it challenging for Partners to stay abreast of all the products and solutions we offer.  The Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide is here to help so that when you are in customer discussions, you can quickly recognize opportunities.

One key component of this new Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide that you should find incredibly valuable is the Glossary.  We have gathered a comprehensive list of “key words” or phrases that your customers may mention so you can easily look them up and identify a relevant VMware solution and quickly jump into an introductory conversation.  No matter what your expertise level is with any of the products in our portfolio, leveraging the glossary is your easiest way to be ready for customer inquiries.

Download this helpful asset today from Partner Central and keep it handy because fortune favors the prepared!