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Prospecting: A Fresh Approach

We’ve all been part of sales programs where you show up to the office, are given your goal, maybe a script, and told to just start dialing. Winner gets a prize. Great. And with mind numbing repetition we comply…and then complain how taking us out of the field is counter-productive to achieving our quotas.

Forget about zombie-dialing! VMware is taking a fresh approach to prospecting. Join Brandon Sweeney and Frank Rauch at 10am pacific on April 27th to hear results from partners who are leading the charge together with their VMware counterparts.
Register for the call to get all the details and find out how combining inbound techniques with outbound discipline can help you meet your quotas.

Inbound techniques are all about positioning the right content, at the right time, to the right person to get them to engage with you. In the case of Velocity 2 Millions, we have new content and targeting profiles to help you engage customers about VMware Power Plays. Once you identify your high propensity accounts (PSMs can often help with that) your next steps are to:

• Utilize Info graphs. Use social content to share a few of the stats through LinkedIn, Twitter…wherever you are connected to your professional contacts.
• Leave a short voicemail about a key pain you helped solve for a competitor (name another client and how you helped in a couple words), and suggest a time to connect. Leave your name and number as well.
• Use the short and sweet email templates to reinforce the same points as the voicemail, and reference this is in follow-up to your voicemail. Offer a couple specific options for a short call so you can both determine if it makes sense to continue.

Outbound prospecting discipline is very much about follow-up over time. It’s not unusual to have to reach out to someone 3, 5, 7 times before they engage. Referrals absolutely help but getting to the point quickly, offering content a prospect wants, and solving a pain they have are key to getting engagement.
Some of our top partners and top account executives are masters at getting their contacts engaged. They then use assessments and promotional offers to move accounts into a sales cycle. We will hear firsthand from some of these masters on the call with Frank and Brandon.

April 27 is National Prospecting Day for Velocity 2 Millions- the culmination of prospecting prep work when appointments are scheduled and opportunities are being registered in North America. On the 10am PST call, you will hear from some of the top partners and learn about their success. A few special opportunities will also be announced to help partners maximize their wins.
Join us on April 27th at 10am PST and boost your success!

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Maximize Margins

“If a man does not know to what port he is steering; no wind is favorable to him”. ____Seneca

Take a breather from the daily bustle and think for a moment about focus. As Roman philosopher Seneca alluded in the quote above, if you don’t focus, you can’t take advantage of any favorable environment around you. The same holds true for your VMware business. If you focus resources on select solutions to drive transaction business your efforts will be rewarded with increased incentives, accelerators and bookings growth.

To that end, VMware has designed Power Plays for the first half of 2016 to provide partners with a synchronized set of demand generation programs, enablement, and incentives. Current Power Plays to help maximize your margins are:
• AirWatch (note: AirWatch and Advantage+ New $1k Minimum Deal Size effective December 9, 2015. Learn more)
• vSphere with Operations Management
• Virtual SAN

Since the launch of VMware Power Plays in July 2014 we have seen a significant impact to VMware’s transactional business. Power Plays have been instrumental in helping partners sharpen focus, increase bookings through non-ELA business, and increase alignment with our joint sales goals.
Selling Power Play products enables you to unlock the highest partner incentives including product accelerators. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize margins, earn Advantage+ discounts and back-end rebates for additional Solution Rewards.
To find your focus and reap the rewards, watch the video below then visit the Power Plays page.