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Become a Trusted Advisor with VMware’s Free VSAN Assessment Tool

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Calling all VI Admins, Enterprise Architect/Storage Admins and Infrastructure or IT Directors—did you know VMware’s free VSAN Assessment tool enables you to assess your customer’s storage environment and identify Virtual SAN opportunities at customer sites in just one week? The tool provides detailed insights into your customer’s virtualization environment that can position you as a trusted-advisor delivering valuable information, with or without a purchase of Virtual SAN.

By showing your customers how they can benefit from Virtual SAN technology in their environments, you are able to speed up the sales process and close more deals.

This SaaS-based tool collects and analyzes data from your customer’s vSphere storage environment (i.e., I/O patterns), and provides the following technical and business recommendations:

  • Which VMs are a suitable candidate for Virtual SAN – Hybrid or All Flash
  • Sizing and hardware recommendations (i.e., number of servers, SSD, HDD)
  • TCO analysis compared to storage arrays

How VMware VSAN Enables Hyper-Converged Infrastructure 

HCI is top of mind for many customers and when deployed creates a true software defined data center. The foundational components of VMware’s HCI solution are VMware vSphere and VMware Virtual SAN, which allow the convergence of compute, storage and networking onto a single, integrated layer of software that, can run on any commodity x86 infrastructure. vSphere abstracts and aggregates compute and memory resources into logical pools of compute capacity while Virtual SAN, embedded in vSphere, pools server-attached storage to create a high performance, shared datastore for virtual machine storage.

Launching Hybrid Cloud

VMware Virtual SAN can be leveraged not just in the on-prem data center (i.e. the private cloud), but also by public clouds, like vCloud Air or the vCloud Air Network of cloud providers.  The result is one unified hybrid cloud managed from a common cloud management platform.

Growing End-User Computing

Finally, Virtual SAN ADV is bundled with Horizon ENT and ADV, providing those customers with radically simple and scalable storage for virtual desktops and applications, with superior performance and dramatically lower TCO. In addition, Virtual SAN for Desktop licenses provide an easy, per-desktop storage option with predictable costs and scaling. Learn more about Virtual SAN for Horizon.

How is VMware supporting me with these enhancements?

Virtual SAN 6.1 is the third-generation of VMware’s hypervisor-converged storage for vSphere. With this release we are introducing several major enhancements and new capabilities that broaden the applicability of the now proven and reliable Virtual SAN technology with higher availability, new hardware options and advanced management capabilities delivered through VMware vRealize Operations. Virtual SAN 6.1 capabilities are building on top of the high performance and increased scale of Virtual SAN 6.0 by providing enterprise-class storage for all virtualized workloads, including Tier-1 production, mission-critical applications, and high availability demanding use cases. Visit the VSAN Assessment Partner Central page today and:

The VMware Partner Network Team

Enterprise Mobility Translates to Success

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With Q4 around the corner, now is a great time to drive demand, increase your customer share of wallet, and customer value with Enterprise mobility.

Today, the only thing growing faster than the volume and variety of mobile devices is the expectation of users and lines of business for the impact mobility can have on business. Mobility remains a top strategic opportunity, due to the potential to make an enterprise more competitive, whether by making employees more productive or engaging with customers in innovative ways.

Enterprise mobility gives users a seamless experience across multiple devices, delivering a secure workspace for business-critical applications, safely enabling bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and self-service capabilities, and establishing a platform that scales to support new processes to serve a more mobile workforce and customer base. Gaining control over the proliferation of devices through unified security and management is a key first step.

Our AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform provides IT professionals with an opportunity to enable business process transformations, drive new revenue streams, and create memorable new ways to connect with customers.

The new AirWatch campaign is designed to meet the flexibility and customization needs for you to effectively sell/market AirWatch, one of our focused PowerPlays for H2 2015. Along with customer success, executing this campaign will result in a win-win for both you and VMware.

You can drive AirWatch sales by running the new campaign today. Execute through the Partner Demand Center or download copy and source files to run the campaign through your own marketing platform.

Learn more by watching this video:

The VMware Partner Network Team

Better than Ever— The VMware vSphere with Operations Management Campaign

You can’t afford to miss out on the newly refreshed VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) campaign. With an opportunity to capture a larger share of wallet and help your customers deliver more value to their businesses, this is one campaign worth its weight in gold. Plus, it’s a Power Play product, which allows you to cash in on the highest level of partner incentives.

With over 300,000 existing VMware vSphere customers to target, vSphere with Operations Management is a natural upsell/cross-sell opportunity that can help you bring greater value to your customers.

Built with three messaging paths to choose from, you can easily differentiate yourself in the marketplace by leveraging the benefits of:

  • Virtualization with Consistent Management
  • Intelligent Operations from Apps to Storage
  • Automation with Control

Watch this short video to learn more:

To add even more value, we’ve included assets to deliver interest in a free, half-day vSphere Optimization Assessment workshop with potential customers.

The vSphere with Operations Management campaign’s flexible design allows you to customize and differentiate your campaigns since you can select images from our vSOM photography, and add in the value proposition, logo, and contact information. You can run this campaign on the VMware Partner Demand Center or download the assets and execute on your own marketing platform.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.29.43 AM

Are you ready to increase revenue? Follow this direct link to the campaign (login required) or log in to the Partner Demand Center and go to the Integrated Campaigns section. Select the VMware vSphere with Operations Management campaign and begin customizing your campaign assets today.

The VMware Partner Network Team

VMworld 2015 U.S. Brings About Exciting Opportunities for Partners

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In our last post, we mentioned that Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, gave his perspective on our journey and the ways in which VMware is uniquely positioned to help partners be successful as they help their customer’s transition from the client-server era to the mobile-cloud era. He reiterated VMware’s clear destination as One Cloud, Any Application, device and summarized by saying “We believe we are a unique partnership to accomplish this journey together”.

With VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture, you can help your customers implement unified hybrid cloud and deliver business mobility to achieve game-changing IT outcomes.

Here’s what was announced at VMworld 2015 U.S.:

VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center

  • SDDC- New advancements that expand VMware’s unified hybrid cloud offerings, including new “as-a-service” features for VMware vCloud Air. Visit the SDDC Launch Playbook.
  • vSphere 6 Update 1 –now includes Web Client integration with vSphere Update Manager and new upgrade and deployment features for use with the vCenter Server Appliance.
  • vSphere with Operations Management 6.1 – now includes Intelligent Workload Balancing. While vRealize Operations Insight 6.1 adds on advanced operations management including integrated OS Monitoring.
  • Upsell – After a customer’s environment has successfully been virtualized with vSphere the next logical step is to upsell to vSphere with Operations Management, helping customers to achieve unique business needs by delivering virtualization with consistent management.
  • Cross Sell – Build upon the core concepts that made compute virtualization so impactful and apply those virtualization fundamentals to the other key assets within the data center: storage with Virtual SAN and networking with NSX.
  • Increase Margin – Power Play – Earn up to 12% upfront base discount + 10% product accelerator on eligible vSphere with Operations Management product sales.
  • Generate Demand – Check out the refreshed and rebuilt vSOM campaign with 3 messaging paths to choose from in the Partner Demand Center.
  • vSphere Optimization Assessment: Quickly close deals using this proven best practice by showing customers the power of Operations Management
  • NSX 6.2 – introduces a new use case, additional integration with physical workloads, and an expanded partner ecosystem.
    • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program
    • Generate Demand – take advantage of the new NSX campaign on Partner Demand Center.
  • Site Recovery Manager 6.1 – introduces new enterprise-level features that deliver a new level of availability and mobility for the private cloud environments.
  • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Other news includes advances in our Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) offerings and support for Enterprise Containers to enable cloud-native application development:

Virtual SAN 6.1 – provides high performance and increased scale to support enterprise-class storage for all virtualized workloads, including business-critical and high availability demanding workloads.

  • Virtual SAN provides substantial hardware opportunity ($1Virtual SAN = $6+ Hardware drag/attach).
  • Increase Margin – Power Play – Earn up to 12% upfront base discount + 10% product accelerator on eligible Virtual SAN product sales.
  • Generate Demand – learn more about the Virtual SAN Campaign in 60 seconds in the Partner Demand Center
  • Virtual SAN Assessment: In just one week to collect data from your customer’s existing vSphere storage environment, and develop technical and business recommendations needed for Virtual SAN

EVO SDDC – is a software suite to build and operate a private cloud based on a VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture

Business Mobility

We also announced that we’ve enriched our portfolio in business mobility with new features and enhancements to help you drive innovation. Visit the EUC Launch Playbook.

Horizon 6.2 – introduces 5 new key capabilities that enable you to help customers deliver virtual desktops and apps with greater security and scale.

  • Upsell existing Horizon View Standard customers to Horizon Advanced and Enterprise.
  • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program
  • Generate Demand – Take advantage of the Horizon Campaigns on Partner Demand Center
  • SysTrack Desktop Assessment: This sales acceleration tool allows you to gain insight into customer’s environment and close deals with the right products faster.

VMware Identity Manager Advanced— is the first cloud mobile identity management platform that federates user accounts for SaaS, web, cloud, and native mobile apps requiring no change to the application.

  • Upsell every VMware Identity Manager/ IDaaS sale into an AirWatch or Workspace Suite sale.
  • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program

AirWatch 8.1 by VMware – new features include; expanded OS support, enhanced administration and serviceability and enterprise readiness

  • Increase Margin – Power Play – Earn up to 12% upfront base discount + 10% product accelerator on eligible AirWatch product sales.
  • Generate Demand – take advantage of the AirWatch Campaign on Partner Demand Center

The Personal Desktop Products essentially target every customer that has Macs or PCs in the enterprise:

Fusion 8.0 – Now featuring support for Windows 10, Works with the latest Mac OS release, DirectX 10 Support, Added vSphere and vCloud Air Integration

  • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program 

Workstation 12 Pro & Workstation 12 Player – now featuring support for Windows 10, Improved Graphics Performance & Features, Improved Audio Support and more

  • Increase Margin – Earn up to 12% upfront discount on eligible Workstation Pro license products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration Program

Innovate with Brave New IT

The VMware Partner Network Team