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Attention VMware partners… opportunity is calling. The Renewals Campaign is here. This campaign focuses on current vSphere customers who are approaching the 90 days to renewal date (for their non-ELA transactional business), and are good candidates for the following products aligned with Power Plays:

  • VMware vSphere with Operations Management
  • VMware vSphere with Operations Management + VMware vRealize Operations Insight
  • VMware Virtual SAN

As a VMware partner, you have an opportunity to leverage this partner-ready campaign to help your existing vSphere customers take the next logical step in virtualization management by upgrading to vSphere with Operations Management.

The vSphere update provides increased scalability, enhanced live migration, improved fault tolerance, expanded compatibility and support, and much more. All products built on vSphere to help optimize virtualized environments and provide added functionality.

Here’s how to make opportunity become a reality:

  1. Grow the average selling price (ASP) and help drive top-line growth and future high-figure renewal revenue with product upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  2. Receive significant rebates and incentives to improve margins, while increasing the ASP.
  3. Maintain revenue streams by strengthening the VMware customer base and improving existing customer relationships.
  4. Build customer relationships with additional service opportunities and assist customers in meeting changing business needs.

VMware provides you with professional assets and tools that allow you to seamlessly execute integrated marketing activities at no cost.  Take advantage of the following:

  • Exclusive opportunity
  • Preliminary sales and tech training
  • Access to marketing support to augment marketing capabilities
  • VMware programs and campaigns to create awareness
  • Customizable multi-touch demand-generation campaigns
  • Tools to accelerate sales
  • Process for tracking success

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Visit the VMware Partner Demand Center today and read the VMware Renewals campaign playbook to learn more about target audience, customer pain point, messaging paths and customization opportunities.

Next, automate execution of the campaign based on contract expiration date through the VMware Partner Demand Center or download all assets source files at once for upload and execution through your marketing automation platform and grab opportunity by the vSphere.

Learn more about the VMware Partner Demand Center campaigns: Your Destination for Partner Marketing Success

The VMware Partner Marketing Team