Welcome to the second installment of the VPN Spotlight Series, where we bring you video content highlighting our top partners news and information from across VMware Partner Network. Here is the first post of that series.

This month’s spotlight is all about the VMware Partner Demand Center, better known as the one stop shop for all of your partner marketing needs. Watch this short video to learn more:

The VMware Partner Demand Center is where you will find easy to implement:

The feedback from partners has been tremendous! Marina Patallo of Licencias Online said, “Really interesting to have an integrated platform that is flexibile.  Compared to other vendors, I have not seen anything as complete”, and Jill Atcheson of Presidio mentioned, “Anytime you can simplify to a single access point for marketing programs and campaigns, that’s a good thing.”

Are you still curious about the VMware Partner Demand Center? Then check out this Power of Partnership post: Your Destination for Partner Marketing Success. Be sure to watch the spotlight video above and continue to explore the Partner Demand Center.

We look forward to bringing you the next VPN Spotlight Series and we value your feedback! Please visit the VMware Partner Demand Center, execute a campaign, and share your experience and comments with us.  Reach us at

The VMware Partner Network Team