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Attention VMware Partners with expiring VCP’s due to the VCP Recertification requirement— VMware has extended the deadline for VCP Recertification to May 8th. As part of this extension, we have also extended the delta exam offerings making it easy for current VCPs to recertify and avoid having to take any classes.  The delta exam is offered online to minimize an individual’s time out the field. You can read our past blog post here, but please note that the date is now May 8th not March 2015.

Maintain your partner tier level with VMware by ensuring that you and your VCPs are keeping current and have recertified.

There are several ways to obtain a list of your company’s VCPs:

Partner with VCPs that expire need to act fast, as this could affect their partner tier with VMware causing them to lose rebates and other rewards. Leave any comments or questions below, or reach out to your Partner Business Manager.

The VMware Partner Marketing Team