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VMworld 2015 Call For Papers— Now Open

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.06.17 AM

Extra, extra, read all about it! As of March 24, 2015, the VMworld 2015 Call For Papers is officially open. If you’re a VMware partner and have integrated VMware solutions and technologies in an innovative or unconventional way, share your story at VMworld 2015 by submitting your session abstract today.

Submit your 2015 Call For Papers proposal by following these three easy steps:

1.    Review our Abstract Submission Guidelines tips on preparing your titles and descriptions; this can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to abstract rejections.

2.     Check out the highest rated partner sessions from last year as a way to start thinking creatively about your proposal topic. Specifically session STO2496— vSphere Storage Best Practices: Next-Gen Technologies, and NET2745 – vSphere Distributed Switch: Technical Deep Dive. View the session replays.

3.    Use this VMworld 2015 Call for Papers link to submit your abstract before April 28, 2015.

As you submit, you’ll find tags to help further categorize your session proposal—Tracks and Sub-tracks, Products, Market Segment, Audience and Technical Level. Utilize the tags thoughtfully; the more we know about your session, the better. Please remember that these Call for Papers are highly competitive and we can only accommodate a select number of submissions.

Here are some tips on writing a thorough abstract:

·       Be Creative – Avoid beginning your session description with the phrase, “In this session we will…”, or “In this session you will learn…”. It does not add value and becomes tedious on an agenda of several hundred sessions. Instead try a rhetorical question, or an interesting industry data point.

·       Be Clear –Ensure that what you submit is what you’ll present. Nothing upsets attendees more than signing up for a session that’s not as advertised.

·       Be Enthusiastic – Your abstract should generate enthusiasm! Make sure your content is relevant, but also exciting. What invaluable information will you share during the session?

·       Be Concise – Leverage the tags in the system for topics, level, and roles. Who’s the target audience? What products or topics does this session cover outside the track name? What roles specifically benefit from this session? Do not check every check box if your session is applicable to all.

·       Be Original – Attendees want to see new presentations that cover the latest innovations in technology. Take the time to create well-written titles, abstracts, outlines, and the key takeaways for your submission. A thoughtful proposal has a better chance of selection, and if accepted, will be seen by thousands of attendees via the course catalog.

·       Be Educational – VMware requires that sessions focus on the educational value of the presentation. Be sure your proposal doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, but rather an exciting opportunity for attendees to learn something new.

·       Be Timely – Make sure your topic is relevant to the audience you’re targeting. Review the content topics before submitting a session.

Good luck—we look forward to reading your submission.


The VMware Partner Network Team

VCP Recertification Deadline Extended- Partners Need to Recertify By May 8 2015

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.47.00 PM

Attention VMware Partners with expiring VCP’s due to the VCP Recertification requirement— VMware has extended the deadline for VCP Recertification to May 8th. As part of this extension, we have also extended the delta exam offerings making it easy for current VCPs to recertify and avoid having to take any classes.  The delta exam is offered online to minimize an individual’s time out the field. You can read our past blog post here, but please note that the date is now May 8th not March 2015.

Maintain your partner tier level with VMware by ensuring that you and your VCPs are keeping current and have recertified.

There are several ways to obtain a list of your company’s VCPs:

Partner with VCPs that expire need to act fast, as this could affect their partner tier with VMware causing them to lose rebates and other rewards. Leave any comments or questions below, or reach out to your Partner Business Manager.

The VMware Partner Marketing Team

3 Tips for a Shark Tank Worthy Disaster Recovery Pitch

The next time you watch Shark Tank, imagine that the three “sharks” ready to hear your pitch are the VP of IT Operations, the VP of Applications and the CIO. Your job is to convince them to invest in vCloud Air Disaster Recovery (DR). What would you say? Here are 3 tips to prepare a Shark Tank worthy pitch:

1)    Know the Product Inside and Out 

·      Become a DR expert and receive foundational training with the hybrid cloud competency

·      Be prepared to answer questions with resources such as cheat sheets and battle cards available on partner central

·      Learn about the newest features such as native fail-back and multiple point-in-time recovery in this blog post

2)    Show Don’t Tell

·      Drive awareness and educate customers with the customizable vCloud Air DR Campaign on the VMware Partner Demand Center.

·      In addition you can show customers the power of vCloud Air DR with the Hands-On Lab and customer success stories

3)    Make it a Need Not a Want

·      All customers have a DR need.Your job is to find out their DR needs and map it to the solution. Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.45.27 AM

VMware is already invested with a new, simpler channel transaction model called the Subscription Purchasing Program, partner rewards such as 10% rebate in Solution Rewards and a 1st month free customer promotion.

Now it’s up to you to get the deal.

The VMware Partner Network Team

We’ve Got Your Marketing Needs Covered

It’s time to take your marketing best practices to the next level and create demand for your company and offerings. We know how important marketing and social selling are to promote your business, though sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources on how to get started.

This is why we created 15 bite-sized, 2 – 5 minute videos on how to get started with social media fundamentals, creating demand to drive awareness and utilizing social media and demand generation tools to find, influence and engage buyers. Why? Because we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at some of our Social Demand Roadmap video sessions below found on our Partner Demand Center:

Session 1 – Brand yourself online and put in place measurement resources

Session 2 – Make your online profiles 100% complete

Session 3 – Making your website a lead generation machine

Other topics in the Social Demand Roadmap series include:

Session 4 – Diving into LinkedIn

Session 5 – How to use Twitter for business

Session 6 – Do Facebook and Google+ matter for business?

Session 7 – Creating valuable content for your audience

Session 8 – The Importance of Blogging

Session 9 – Advanced Blogging

Session 10 – Leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter to engage Prospects

Session 11 – Staying Top-of-Mind with current Clients

Session 12 – Using Long Form Discussions on LinkedIn

Session 13 – Leveraging the Sales Navigator

Session 14 – Building an integrated marketing plan

Session 15 – Putting it all together

We are continually looking for ways to provide value and improve our partners’ marketing effectiveness and capabilities. The Best Practices Resources section of the Partner Demand Center is dedicated to providing the latest Marketing Best Practices content including videos, research papers and toolkits to enable you and your marketing team to grow your marketing skills in the digital era.

Spend some time reviewing the content and as always, leave any comments or questions below.

The VMware Partner Marketing Team 

Simplify Cloud Sales with the VMware Subscription Purchasing Program

You have three options when it comes to purchasing that much needed Starbucks coffee – buying it with cash, swiping your credit card, or purchasing with your Starbucks prepaid card… which do you choose?

Using your Starbucks prepaid card provides these benefits:

  •       Helps you budget accordingly for your future coffee purchases
  •       Acts as one centralized location that allows you to buy and consume any type of coffee when you choose
  •       Allow you to easily track how much you spend on coffee and be rewarded for the more coffee you consume

Now go back and reread those benefits replacing coffee with the word cloud and you have described the benefits you can provide your customers with the VMware Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP).

SPP is a new, simpler and flexible channel transaction model for VMware cloud services. Here is how the program works:


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.35.04 AM


SPP gives partners a simple way to start a cloud practice without having to worry about setting up complex billing systems and managing multiple SKUs. You can seed accounts with vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud OnDemand and preserve the billing relationships with your customers.

Not to mention, with your hybrid cloud competency you can earn solution rewards on the sale of subscription credits and gain access to customer consumption data.

Next Steps

·      Visit the SPP page on Partner Central

·      Prepare for the cloud conversation with the Hybrid Cloud Competency

The VMware Partner Network Team 

Post Partner Exchange 2015 Wrap-Up

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.59.45 AM

Partner Exchange 2015 has come and gone, but not without making it the most successful partner event to date. We hope you enjoyed the increased high-touch opportunities, enabling you to interact with VMware executives, and the tailored content necessary to accelerate your business.

With unique Hands-on Labs, Boot Camps, 170+ Breakout Sessions, General Sessions and Route-to-Market Keynotes, Partner Exchange was the place to interact with your peers, hear about the latest product launches and gain insights on VMware solutions and partner technologies.

To further your Partner Exchange education, we have created a page within Partner Central to connect you to key resources, presentations and relevant content that was shared, Please log in using your Partner Central ID and password and you will be directed to all of the Partner Exchange assets. Make the most of your Partner Exchange experience by accessing these resources to take your business to the forefront of IT information.

You can also continue the conversation by joining Partner Link. There you can find our Partner Exchange group and other groups of interest categorized by region, program, product or event such as VMworld 2015.

As President and COO, Carl Eschenbach, mentioned in the Day 1 General Session, next year Partner Exchange will shift to better cater to both a business and technical partner audiences. For our technical attendees, you will now be able to access all the education, networking, enablement opportunities at VMworld US and Europe. In the Spring of 2016, we will offer a more business-focused summit for our business partner audience. You can pre-register for VMworld 2015 and keep up to date on all the offerings this year has to offer.

The VMware Partner Network Team