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Last year we invested time and resources into gathering feedback from partners worldwide to understand how to better address your needs.

A few areas of improvement were highlighted to us:

  • Increased diversification through additional campaigns flexibility and customization options.
  • Ability to download campaigns content for execution via a partners’ marketing automation platforms.
  • Focus on campaigns quality rather than quantity to help partners concentrate efforts on top priorities.

We listened

Today the VMware Partner Demand Center is the destination for Integrated Partner Marketing Campaigns. It has been designed to position you for success by providing a more flexible, holistic and differentiated approach to demand creation – resulting in higher quality leads, increased marketing pipeline to support driving accretive revenue for partners and VMware. It is easy to access and allows for a streamlined execution model:

  1. Set up your account, logo and contact information once and it will be auto populated in all cobranded demand generation assets.
  2. Upload your mailing list without any data security and privacy concerns and get access to a best-in-class lead management tool to track your results.
  3. Start email marketing and take advantage of other integrated marketing activities to support your campaign efforts.

A standard Bill of Materials and automation techniques based on VMware and industry best practices provide you with consistency, reduce the amount of complexity, and set you up for success in the global marketplace.

Get Started

  • Read the Campaign Playbook located within each campaign to learn more and select the most appropriate campaign that aligns to your business.  The playbook will help you understand key items including the market opportunity, target audience, customer pain points and how to best execute the campaign.
  • Adopt a combination of most or all of the Demand Generation assets to conduct an integrated campaign and increase your success rate
  • Combine a multi-touch email marketing with banner advertising, social media promotion and telemarketing efforts.
  • Leverage the recommended offers in your multi-touch campaign as tested and top rated by VMware campaigns marketing experience.  Start with a product snapshot through an infographic, continue with an in depth review through a whitepaper or ebook, and close the loop by providing a free hands on experience, evaluations or assessments.
  • Ensure your sales people are fully enabled and have context on the marketing campaign to understand what their customers are responding to by providing them with a campaign “sales cheat sheet”.

Partner campaigns are built to allow for differentiation, customization and flexibility of execution.


  • Select one of three messaging paths highlighting product benefits that best address your audience pain point and start to differentiate your campaign and your company in the marketplace.
  • Customize the 3-touch emails with images and colors from our library that best align to your brand and geographical market, as well as your value proposition. Your logo and contact information will auto populate.
  • Execute through the VMware Partner Demand Center platform – or download all assets source files at once for upload and execution through your marketing automation platform.

Here are the campaigns that are available today in up to 14 languages:

  • vSphere with Operations Management (2015 Power Play)
  • vCloud Air Disaster Recovery (2015 Power Play)
  • Virtual SAN (2015 Power Play)
  • Horizon 6 (2014 Power Play)
  • Horizon Air Desktops
  • Horizon Safe Passage (Citrix compete)
  • SDDC – Cloud Management

Coming soon:

  • NSX
  • Renewals

Take Action Today

Go to the Partner Demand Center today and execute at least one campaign by the end of this quarter.  Professional materials for integrated marketing campaign execution are offered to you at no cost through the VMware Partner Demand Center.

Watch the campaign promotional videos on Virtual SAN and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a reference and learn in only 60 seconds, how easy it is to execute campaigns and why you should go to market with these products:

Learn About the VMware Virtual SAN Campaign in 60 Seconds

Learn About the VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Campaign in 60 Seconds

Stay tuned!  We will be issuing a Power of Partnership blog post each time a new campaign is published. We value your feedback! Please visit the VMware Partner Demand Center, execute a campaign, and share your experience and comments with us.  Reach us at partnercampaigns@vmware.com .

The VMware Partner Network Team


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