You heard about them at VMworld and you most certainly will be hearing about them this next year. VMware’s Power Plays are the focal point you asked for when it came to our complex product set. In an effort to drive profitability and value, we’ve selected four key VMware solutions to align with and increase: our partner incentives, our partner education, and our partners marketing and sales resources.

Here are the four Power Play products for 2H’14:

·      vSphere with Operations Management

·      Virtual SAN

·      vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

·      Horizon 6

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.09.46 PM



These four Power Plays are closely associated with our three main focus areas as a company: The Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud and End User Computing. They are the primary sales motion designed to sharpen our focus and increase bookings. On each of these Partner Central product pages, you will find streamlined information to learn, market, and sell these products.

To learn more, please watch the short video below:

You can also visit the Power Play page for additional information.

Happy selling!

The VMware Partner Network Team