Announcing VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware is delivering on the promise of a hybrid cloud by introducing vCloud Hybrid Service.  This new offering is a reliable and secure cloud service that is operated and supported by VMware and built on the vSphere and vCloud platforms. The service supports existing workloads and third party applications, as well as new application development, giving IT a common platform to seamlessly extend their data center to the cloud in hours.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service brings you two things other clouds can’t deliver: the convenience and agility of on-demand public cloud and the freedom to run today’s and tomorrow’s applications onsite, offsite, or both without compromise. The service offers two options – Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud – that have capacity, architecture, and contract term differences. Dedicated Cloud is your own private cloud instance that provides physically isolated pools of vRAM and vCPU. The Virtual Private Cloud provides fully private networking by logically isolating pools of vCPU, vRAM, Network and Storage on a high-end multi-tenant infrastructure built on the power of vSphere.

The VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is a great opportunity and service not just for our customers, but also for our Channel Partners. For partners, it addresses customer demand for a standardized cloud service, with a partner-friendly platform that allows partners to own the billing relationship and deliver value-added services.  It’s also an opportunity to provide a solution set that increases their influence in the cloud conversation, while still maintaining the on-premise business and billing relationship.  And, qualified VSPP Partners can also consider reselling and offering their managed services to supplement this offering while maintaining the customer relationship.

You don’t have to wait until general availability (Q3 of 2013) to get up to speed on this exciting new offering. For starters, visit Partner Central to watch yesterday’s launch event and register for the Sales Overview (May 29) and/or Technical Overview (May 30) training session on vmLIVE.  More information will be available at VMworld.

− The VMware Partner Network Team


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