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Free Sales and Technical Workshops to Earn VMware Accreditations

VMware accreditations enhance an individual’s skills and increase their value to their company and customers, while building upon their professional achievements. VMware offers partners free workshops on a quarterly basis for sales and technical solution professionals to learn more about our key products and earn accreditations for it.

Accreditation workshops are categorized by an individual’s role and expertise as follows:

Through an interactive format of presentations, tutorials, and role-play scenarios, individuals learn how to deliver a comprehensive whiteboard solution to senior IT management, application owners, and C-level executives. This quarter’s workshops will equip individuals for success in selling VMware vCloud Suite, vCenter Operations Management Suite, and Horizon Suite products. Attending a SolutionTrack also provides an opportunity to earn VMware Sales Professional (VSP) accreditations. (A VSP-Foundation Accreditation is recommended prior to attending.)

Tech Express

These workshops provide a technical review of VMware vCenter Operations Suite and Horizon Suite product solutions. Individuals develop a better understanding of product architecture and key components, learn how to de-position the competition, and develop technical white-boarding skills to communicate key product capabilities in a format that relates to customer pain points. Attending a Tech Express also provides an opportunity to earn VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP) accreditations.

Advanced Tech Express

These workshops offer a technical deep-dive of the VMware Horizon Suite product family and the complex topics that are most frequently seen in desktop virtualization design and implementation. Individuals will learn to apply design methodology to architect solution deployments with consideration for storage, applications, types of users, and devices.  (Note that these workshops may come with prerequisites.)

These accreditation trainings will be touring North America and EMEA – in addition to virtual offerings. Build upon your professional achievements and register for a SolutionTrack, Tech Express, or Advanced Tech Express workshop this quarter.

− The VMware Partner Network Team

Start Receiving Credit/Rewards for Your OEM Sales

VMware teams with industry-leading hardware and software OEMs to optimize selected technology and solutions with VMware software. To demonstrate the value VMware sees across the OEM ecosystem, we have developed a set of OEM-centric partner programs. Whether you are an OEM or OEM reseller, your partnership is a critical component of VMware’s total route-to-market strategy.  And VMware offers a variety of innovative and rewarding programs for OEM resellers to easily develop and expand their business.

So why should a VMware Solution Provider want to be an OEM reseller?
VMware is committed to providing compelling incentives and rewards for resellers who skill up, invest in, and commit to developing business models focused on VMware offerings. These incentives and rewards may be part of the VMware Partner  Network (VPN), an OEM partner program, or some combination. Becoming an OEM reseller is another attractive means to maximizing your ROI, regardless of your strategic or opportunistic route-to-market.

The Revenue Credit for OEM Sales is a risk free, one-time opt-in program that credits you for sales of VMware platform product under the OEM brand and SKU.  By opting-in, you allow VMware to count sales through the participating OEM Partners towards your VMware revenue requirement, enabling you to progress to higher levels within the partner program. This progression opens the door to you additional benefits such as increased licenses (NFR/IUL), advantage+, rebates, technical support, and more.

Premier+ OEM Rewards is another OEM reseller program that allows eligible Premier Partners to receive sales credit towards Premier rebate targets within the rebate program for their OEM-branded VMware product sales.

Participating in either of these programs, can give your organization access to exclusive sales, marketing, and support resources from VMware, as well as incentives and rewards offered directly by OEM partners.

OEM hardware + VMware + Reseller expertise = Differentiated Value
With tighter OEM partner integration, you can deliver unique, single solution offerings that create a more compelling customer value proposition, which better positions you as a ‘trusted advisor’ for a future adjacency sale and upsell opportunities.

To learn more and to make the most of your OEM partnership:

  • Listen to the ‘Partnering with VMware’s Strategic OEM Partners’ replay from April 8th.
  • Opt-in to the appropriate OEM reseller program(s).
  • Discover the joint solutions and focus areas of our OEM partners.
  • Join VMware Partner Link to collaborate with SMEs, OEMs, OEM resellers and the broader VMware community.

VMware Solution Providers should take advantage of this opportunity to engage with our strategic OEM partners today to drive incremental pipeline and get rewarded for it

− The VMware Partner Network Team

Get the Most Out of VMware Partner Link

Last quarter we launched VMware Partner Link, the secure social platform within Partner Central that connects VMware partners to the knowledge, ideas, and resources you need from the broad VMware Partner Network Community. Now that this community has been active for almost two months and many of you have already joined, we’d like to share a few tips that will help you maximize your experience within the community.

  1. Join relevant groups: With a supportive mixture of public and private groups that are managed by VMware SMEs and other partners, there is a discussion group for just about every role, partner-type, region, and more. Take a few minutes to explore the active Partner Link groups today and connect with people who share your interests.  
  2. Check out the discussion streams: The Company Stream displays all of the public discussion posts in a chronological view to help you find new groups and contacts to follow based on your interests. When you enter the community you will automatically be brought to your Home Stream which shows all of the posts from the groups and individuals you follow and any posts you have commented or liked.
  3. Use Partner Link engagement features: It’s easy to recognize the contributions of the VPN community as they happen by using a ‘thanks’ badge. Send a congratulatory badge with a custom message to publicly recognize outstanding performance by individuals or groups. It’s easy to get involved in conversations posted in Groups or on the Company Stream. If you see a post that relates to your work or interest, you can like it or comment on it for everyone to see.
  4. Start a project: Projects allow you to organize and collaborate on project goals and objectives while storing files in one place. Create a ‘Project’ with your team/ PBM to keep everyone updated on deliverables and due dates without any spreadsheets, emails, or calls.
  5. Download the Mobile App: Partner Link is powered by the Socialcast Platform. Stay connected wherever you go with Socialcast apps available for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices. Just go to your mobile device app store or click on the ‘Apps’ link at the bottom of your Home Stream in Partner Link for more information.

These are just a few of the ways that you can engage with the VPN Community, but we will continue to share tips on this blog to ensure you get the most out of Partner Link. Be sure to activate your VMware Partner Link accountand join this new social community today.

The VMware Partner Network Team

Introducing VMware Partner Network’s ‘How To’ Series

As the ecosystem driving the VMware Partner Network continues to evolve, we want to ensure that our partners are kept in the know. To aid these efforts we bring you the VMware Partner Network ‘How To’ Series, a monthly blog focusing on different topics that help you to better market, sell, and deploy VMware solutions.

For the first topic, we thought we would start with our first line of support –   the Partner Support Center (PSC). The PSC is the team dedicated to helping VMware partners whether it’s establishing a new profile account, finding information, or getting clarity on a new incentive’s benefits – You name it, they’ve been asked it.  For example, the PSC can assist you on any of the following support categories:

  • General Program Inquiries
  • Partner training through Partner University, Specializations, and Solution Competencies
  • VPN Program Level Progression / Renewal advice and assistance
  • Partner Incentives such as Advantage+, Solution Rewards, and Sales Rewards
  • Opportunity Registration process and status
  • Market Development Funds (MDF)
  • General Benefits such as Not-for-Resale and Internal Use license software, and toolkits
  • My VMware – Portal Navigation & Functionality support
  • Partner Central – Portal Navigation & Functionality support
  • Partner Link – Navigation & Functionality support
  • User Information for general partner profile updates, Partner Locator and Distributor Locator

To further support you, the PSC team recorded short video clips around the most frequently asked questions. Take a moment to scroll through the PSC FAQ playlist below. You just might find a topic that you haven’t gotten around to inquiring about.

Please continue to contact the Partner Support Center, but don’t forget about your other ‘support line’ on VMware Partner Link.  The company stream on Partner Link is connected to a wide variety of SMEs just by using #help.

− The VMware Partner Network Team