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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Role-Based Learning Paths: Brand Yourself, Differentiate Your Company

VMware Role-Based Learning Paths were among the key enablement offerings announced at Partner Exchange to support our top priorities: Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, and End User Computing/Mobility. Completion of accreditations and certifications found in the role-based learning paths will allow partners to gain valuable insight into VMware’s priorities.

VMware Role-Based Learning Paths are the next evolution of VMware training that help you create or continue along your enablement journey.  With the ability to be customized to your role, partner type, and market segment, VMware Role-Based Learning Paths not only provide you with the optimized path but the opportunity to earn VMware Accreditation badges.

Role-based learning paths provide an opportunity to brand yourself with accreditations and certifications that set you and your company’s competencies apart from the competition.  Customers recognize that these competencies and accreditations matter when looking for a trusted advisor to provide the right solutions for their business requirements.

Take a look at this short and upbeat video about role-based learning specific to a sales role.

So whether you are just starting out with virtualization or you’re a seasoned veteran, the VMware Role-Based Learning Paths will take you on an educational journey tailored to meet your needs.  We encourage you to get started today.  And, don’t forget to join the VSP, VTSP, and VCP community groups on VMware Partner Link.

− The VMware Partner Network Team

VMware Solution Competency: A Badge worth Bragging About

A VMware Solution Competency is a partner’s designation of expertise in VMware virtualization and cloud computing solutions.  Partners that earn the competency set themselves apart from the competition and profit from the huge demand in these technologies.  Solution Competency partners on average generate higher annual and transactional sales, they receive higher Solution Rewards percentages for applicable products, and they gain access to SETs (a collection of assets designed to streamline your sales process – delivering a framework for scalable, repeatable solution selling).  Bottom line, VMware partners with solution competencies make more money than those partners without them.

Take a moment to watch the video below, visit the competency page to learn more, and leverage the tools to determine the competency that best fits your business and the quantifiable returns for the training investment.

Once a competency is achieved, we encourage you to visit Partner Central and utilize our multi-touch, co-branded campaign designed to showcase you as the expert using multiple assets (digital, video, and print) for driving sales of your state-of-the-art solutions.

So, take the right path and get started earning your competency today…the more you know, the more you grow.

− The VMware Partner Network Team

Maximize SMB and Commercial Sales with ‘People Like You’ Campaign

Last month, we introduced the new VMware Sales BYTES program to enable partners with consumable pieces of content and tools for closing SMB and commercial sales faster.  Now, we’ve launched a new demand generation campaign, People Like You, to help you acquire new customers or upsell/cross-sell to existing VMware customers.

The new ‘People Like You’ campaign uses the voice of IT managers to show how customers (like yours) trust VMware to solve today’s IT challenges – from limited resources and budget constraints to the need for greater IT automation. This co-branded campaign features customized messaging through emails and landing pages, with both technical and business content offers that align with IT challenges facing SMB and commercial businesses. View this cheat sheet to learn more.

Register on the VMware Grid to leverage this campaign – available in two versions for existing customers and new prospects – and join the SMB and Commercial Sales group in VMware Partner Link to start collaborating and gaining your share of the multi-billion dollar opportunity in the marketplace today.

– The VMware Partner Network Team

VMware Cloud Credits = New Revenue Streams for Partners

Of the several revenue-generating programs announced last week at Partner Exchange, VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program was most applauded.  It also received favorable media coverage, notably from The VAR Guy, CRN, and Tech Target.

The VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program is your easy on-ramp to the cloud, allowing customers to purchase VMware Cloud Credits in one transaction and redeem them over time with approved VMware vCloud Service Providers.

As a VMware Solution Provider Partner, this means that you can increase your deal margin and grow your overall cloud business with additional products and value-added cloud services with minimal upfront investment, strengthen your value to customers by offering both public and hybrid cloud solutions for current/future business needs, and develop a cloud practice – ahead of your competition.

VMware Cloud Credits  will also allow customers to take advantage of budget cycles to purchase public and hybrid cloud spend in one transaction, and reduce rogue IT spend by enabling IT to take control of credit allocation and redemption on trusted vCloud technology. View this customer data sheet for additional customer benefits.

To learn more about selling VMware Cloud Credits, attend this vmLIVE training session on Monday, March 11th, at 8AM Pacific.

– The VMware Partner Network Team

VMware Partner Link Now Available to the VPN Community

Today marks the official launch of VMware Partner Link, the new secure social platform within Partner Central that will connect you to the knowledge, ideas, and resources you need from the broad VMware Partner Network community. You may have heard the industry buzz about this new network or were maybe even lucky enough to pilot it during Partner Exchange. Take a moment to watch the short overview video below to learn more.

VMware Partner Link is designed to cultivate partner-to-partner/VMware collaboration by enabling its members to:

  • Join groups to hear real-time updates relative to region, partner type, role, etc.
  • Connect with VMware subject matter experts
  • Obtain answers to questions (#help)
  • Share insights on marketing, selling, and implementing VMware solutions
  • Engage in conversations with your peers
  • Stay connected on-the-go with the mobile app

Activate your VMware Partner Link account and join this new social community today.

– The VMware Partner Network Team