We recently caught up with David Forsch, Director of Partner Solutions, where he spoke to the great results partners are seeing by utilizing Solution Enablement Toolkits (SET). Watch the short video below to hear more details about the toolkits and how they help partners accelerate their business and maximize their ROI from Solution Competencies.

Stated simply, SETs are a collection of building blocks that help package your services with hardware and licensing to create a turnkey customer solution – ultimately helping you to better differentiate yourself, accelerate your growth, and increase your deals sizes and services margins.

The great news is that Partners with Solution Competencies can get SETs free of charge for a limited time; take advantage and discover how they can help you:

  • Double your sales growth
  • Develop customized virtualization solutions
  • Close deals faster and increase your ROI
  • Enhance your own solutions leveraging your company’s expertise

Visit Partner Central for an exclusive library of assets to create your own unique solution around VMware technology.

– The VMware Partner Network Team