Together with you, our partners, we have spent the last decade investing in strong, increasingly strategic business collaborations. Our efforts have resulted in inventing, enhancing and distributing market-leading technology that improves business outcomes for our customers. And now, we’re pleased to introduce another new partner program that furthers our joint progress while super charging your marketing efforts.

The VMware Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM) program is designed not only to help you find more opportunities, but to deliver qualified appointments with new prospects that are looking for solutions like yours.

With Outcome-Based Marketing you select your focus (VMware server virtualization and disaster recovery, desktop virtualization or virtualizing business critical applications with an Oracle focus), select your geography and target account size, and then receive qualified appointments with target prospects looking for your solutions.

The new OBM program is ideal when…

  • You don’t have the time or resources to run a specific campaign
  • You need to quickly reach out to new contacts, not in your database
  • Your sales force needs a boost in new opportunities

Leads convert faster to sales when those leads are more qualified. Let VMware help you drive qualified lead generation and increase your pipeline—at a lower cost-per-lead and marketing ROI.

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The VMware Partner Network Team